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Summer is upon us, and it is time to brush the cobwebs off our cotton tops, strappy dresses, and shorts! It is also time to don that bikini and take our meetings to the beach. But are we really bikini ready for the summer? Most probably not. Research shows that people tend to gain seven pounds on an average during winters. Snuggling up with sugar-filled beverages like pumpkin lattes and hot chocolates, gorging on scrumptious feasts and not moving around when the weather outside is gloomy add extra pounds to our waistlines. But fret not! I’ve been doing some research with one of my best friends, who is a leading personal trainer in Caroline Springs, and she swears by the below six simple rules for a bikini-ready body.    

Before undertaking any diet, it is essential to understand that the ideal we are chasing is that of health and not merely good appearance. However, a little extra effort will make you look better and feel healthier:

Here Are Six Ways to Bring on That Bikini Magic:

Take Up a Challenge:
Gym sites, fitness apps and channels are inundated by various 28 and 30-day fitness challenges, and rightfully so! A fitness challenge is a fun and exciting way to jump onto the fitness wagon. Taking up a short-term personal goal not only helps improve our energy levels, endurance, and get a toned body; it also keeps us motivated by showing tangible results.      

Hello! Whole Foods:
Processed foods comprise high levels of sugar, salt and trans fats, and do precious little other than adding inches to our waist. An increased intake of processed food is also linked to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Instead, opt for wholefood and leafy vegetables. Food items like spinach, and quinoa and veggies like red peppers keep you full and provide you with essential vitamins, calcium, and iron, among other nutrients.

Swipe Right on Water:
It is a cliché, but staying hydrated helps you to lose weight and obtain a toned body. Ideally, adults should drink anywhere between two to three litres of water every day. Lack of water can give rise to symptoms similar to that of hunger- rumbling stomach, feeling low, and being cranky. As a result, we’re more likely to make a quick trip to the pantry, instead of taking a swig of water. This summer, remember to stay hydrated throughout the day, particularly when working out.

Yes, you read it right! Recent studies have shown that sleep is imperative to weight loss. Lack of sleep can cause an increase in Ghrelin (also known as the “hunger hormone”) while decreasing leptin, a hormone that helps in feeling full. A good night's sleep helps keep these hormones in check, making us hungry only when necessary.

Massage Your Worries Away:
Stress eating is one of the most insidious causes of weight gain. On the other hand, getting regular massages may calm your frayed nerves and boost the production of happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. It also aids in blood circulation, which helps you stay fit and imparts a healthy glow to your body and face!

Say No to Alcohol:
This is a toughie! However, alcohol, other than temporarily numbing our senses and helping with a few hours of sleep, provides no nutritional benefits whatsoever. Furthermore, its chemical structure inhibits the fat burning process. So, avoid alcohol for a better-looking body.

With a little discipline and willpower, you will be ready with a killer bikini body that is sure to blow everyone's minds this summer!

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