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Camping is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Anyone from 5 to 60 can go on a trip to explore nature, as long as they have a thirst for adventure and a love for the great outdoors.

Going camping is a best way to teach young children survival techniques, how to live without amenities and make do with whatever is available. This will prepare them for the challenges in the future when they need to leave the comforts of their home.

Camping is also a good bonding activity among family members. Children are taught the responsibility of securing the campsite. The bond between siblings becomes stronger as they all help out with the tasks involved like putting up the tent and keeping your surroundings safe from animals that may wander into the area to scavenge for food.

It is important to prepare and bring proper camping gears and equipment during the camping trip, and children must be trained to use them. If you plan to bring your kids on your next camping trip, here are some tips to make it an enjoyable and hassle-free experience for everyone.

Kids camping tip #1: Bring tents and repellents

The most important camping equipment to bring is a good and sturdy tent which can easily be assembled even by your kids. A good tent should have mesh panels as protection from insects such as mosquitoes and bugs. To ensure a good night’s sleep, it is always best to bring bug spray and insect repellent. There are a lot of alternative products in the market that are free from harmful ingredients and safe for the environment.

You can use lotions and skin sprays that can be applied on your kids to protect them against mosquito bites. Make sure to dab or spray protective lotion on your children’s face, arms, and legs at all times when you are out in the woods. Let them wear appropriate clothing like pants and shirts with long sleeves that will cover parts of their bodies that are prone to insect bites.

Kids camping tip #2: Store food properly

Whenever you go camping, always make sure that you do not disturb the natural habitat of forest and wood animals who are the true occupants of the area. Some curious animals may wander into your campsite and be attracted to your food, so bring proper containers for your meals and dispose of your garbage responsibly. Bring disposable and biodegradable food trays, solid and liquid containers, and trash bags. Leftovers should be properly disposed of, so the smell would not attract animals and insects to your area. Some camping sites such as national and state parks and those privately owned provide trash bins in the zone where you can discard your trash properly.

Kids camping tip #3: Prepare first-aid for kids

Bring a first-aid kit which consists of medicines for everything from headaches to allergies to stomach problems and remedies for aches, burns, and pains. Medical supplies for major and minor injuries such as sterile gauze dressings and bandages should also be in your kit to provide immediate relief to an injury. Whilst we keep an eye on our children when camping, kids are prone to accidents, so it is best to be prepared.

Kids camping tip #4: Bring a portable toilet

When camping outdoors, children are taught the proper way of relieving themselves when nature calls, but some may be scared or reluctant to leave their campsite, especially when there are no public restrooms around, so it is best to be prepared. Bring along a portable toilet for your kids to use. A popular item here is known as the foldable camping toilet. It is convenient and easy to carry and assemble.

Kids camping tip #5: Bring a solar-powered shower

Kids are going to be running, sprinting, and jumping around the camping grounds. Make sure to get these youngsters to clean up at least once a day during your camping trip. You don’t need to sacrifice your supply of drinking water to get the job done. Solar-powered camping showers are available in stores selling camping equipment. These showers are lightweight, easy-to-use, and can carry up to five gallons of water.

Kids camping tip #6: Thermal and stylish sleeping bags

If your kids want a front view seat to gaze at the night sky, then you might want to ditch the tent and go for sleeping bags instead. Camping mattress is hard to bring, but sleeping bags aren’t. Sleeping bags are designed and manufactured with durable waterproof and rip-free polyester fibre. There is also the high-density warm inner padding to give you a great night’s sleep. Make sure to bring that bug spray to cover exposed skin and dress your kids appropriately with long-sleeves, pants, gloves and socks when it’s bedtime.

Kids camping tip #7: Bring a pool

This may sound crazy, but it really isn’t. Aussies these days pop-up the inflatable pool in the middle of a camp to let the little ones have the best time. Camping is an outdoor trip, so why not mix other outdoor activities while you’re at it. Make sure to bring enough sunscreen and pick an open spot where you’ll place the cool pool.

Kids camping tip #8: Teach the kids how to use a compass and distribute the navigation tools

No matter if it is hiking or camping, young kids must be trained and educated on the use of a compass for navigation and directions. Make sure to establish a checkpoint during the trip to serve as the area for your kids to return to in case they get lost.

Kids camping tip #9: Practice camping before camping

As this is the first time for your children to go camping and leave all the comforts of your home, it is best to teach the youngsters the basics like putting up a tent, wearing the right gear, observing the safety tips, and sleeping in a tent. You may try to put up a tent in the backyard or garden and let the kids help assemble, so they will know what to do in the actual campsite. Give them a brief explanation on the dos and don’ts of camping and what to expect from the activity.

Kids camping tip #10: Bring a portable generator

If you have kids, then you might consider bringing a portable generator with you. Taking an inverter generator to outdoor activities is common in Australia. You may never know when you will need emergency lighting while on the trip.

Camping with Outbax

With proper preparation, your kids will surely enjoy the entire camping experience. Who knows, the youngsters might even be regular scouts and might ask you to make camping a regular family activity. Just make sure you have the right gear and equipment to keep you safe and make your trip an enjoyable one.

If you need the right gear, equipment or items for the trip, contact OutbaxCamping. Outbax offers a wide variety of camping products that will make your trip with your kids more fun, engaging, and memorable. Be safe out there and be a happy camper!

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