• Written by Kerri Anderson

Land-based camping is soo 2014! Visitors to Queensland can now glamp on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland. Yep you read right – visitors can actually sleep out on the reef. Prefer to sleep in a church? Quest has opened two new properties in Queensland - one of them a former church in Toowoomba.

Glamping on the Great Barrier Reef
Imagine curling up in a comfy bed under the stars whilst floating on a pontoon on the Great Barrier Reef. Wonder no more. Sunlover by Starlight, offers visitors the chance to spend a night at Moore Reef Pontoon, 26 nautical miles off the coast of Cairns. Limited to 22 visitors per night, overnight guests have exclusive access to Moore Reef's brilliantly coloured corals and more than 10,000 fish and marine species from 3.30pm on day one when the day visitors return to Cairns until 11am on day two when they return to the mainland.

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