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Top Pokie tips for beginners in Australia

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When it comes to pokies, Australia wins the game. This country is the storehouse of the world-famous online pokies. So if you are a beginner who wants to sail the ship of gambling with pokies, you may need a few tricks and tips.

So, keep reading this guide and learn top pokie tips for beginners in Australia.

  • Select your preferred online pokie platform: 

In Australia, there are plenty of pokies available online. However, before starting your online poker journey, make sure to select high-quality, safe, secure, and top-notch online pokies only from for the best result. 

Half of your problems are solved once you get your hands on the perfect pokie. So now, open the game library, and get your hands on the perfect pokie that looks attractive and contains the best online gambling service providers. 

  • Pay attention to pay lines: 

If you are a novice Australian punter who is thinking that playing pokies does not need much attention or strategy, sadly, you are wrong. New punters often overlook these strategies and do not take pay lines seriously. As a result, they lose very fast. Therefore, you must have a deeper insight into the pay lines while playing online pokies in Australia. 

Please note that pay lines are the same both for online and mortar casinos. Paylines are the number one essential for building a good amount of spins and improving the chances of your win. However, remember one thing about pay lines: whether you can afford the pay lines during your time playing and, if you can, how much they are going to cost. But, now, you may think that you should always bet on pay lines. The answer is as much as you can afford. So, make sure to choose a pokie with the number of pay lines and the maximum bet you can afford. 

  • Play for free the first time:

You can never know of the strategies of playing online pokies as a beginner. Therefore, it would not be wise to play Australia real money casinos from the beginning. You should always invest your money only when you are confident and expert enough. But, before that, begin with free online pokies. It will allow you to explore lots of pokies from different game developers and decide which one you want to continue. Additionally, there will be zero risks of losing money. Playing free pokies is a great way to get familiar with pokies for novice punters. 

  • Understand all symbols: 

The fundamental step of playing pokie is to excel in the symbols and pay lines. Otherwise, you may get confused about how some spins pay up, whereas some do not. Another thing is the symbols. It depends on which type of casino game you are playing. Generally, all modern slot machines feature three symbols: royal, characters, and features. In addition, three slot machines feature mainly simple and common sets of symbols, including cherries, sevens, and gold bars. So, make sure to learn each symbol, their works, and features to perform better in online pokies Australia. 

  • Set a win and a loss limit: 

When you newly start playing pokies, you tend to lose track of time and keep playing like a gambling addict. However, controlling time and setting a limitation is highly significant. Therefore, setting a win and a loss limit is always suggested. In this way, if you luckily keep winning, you will be able to stop yourself from playing after a few wins. On the other hand, unfortunately, if you keep losing, stop playing after a certain limit. As a result, you can stop yourself from losing huge as a beginner. 

  • Play when you are in a good mood: 

Since you are playing pokie just for entertainment purposes, make sure to begin your gambling journey in a good mood. Please do not play in a drunk or depressed state. It will make you lose your money without any positive outcome. So, start fresh, and keep winning. 


These were the top pokey tips for beginners in Australia. So now, when you've understood how to play pokey and what to avoid, hopefully, you will not face any issue regarding online pokies in Australia. So keep playing and keep winning. Good luck!


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