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A comprehensive guide on Visa Australia for French People

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The Australia ETA Visa started in the year 1996. The last ETA was implemented in the year 2013, and now different nationalities can apply for this. Among all the races, the French can also apply for the same. There is a straightforward logic applied: the internet is now too convenient to use from a different location. That is why; one can apply for a Visa and even can get it done faster. In the 2013 ETA, it has been announced that one is allowed to travel to Australia for any purpose.

If talking about the French people's ETA, they can stay in Australia for up to 90 days. 90 days is allowed per entry, which is acceptable after one year of issuing the Visa Australie.

Requirements when you apply for Visa Australia

Being French, an individual needs to fulfill a few requirements before applying for the ETA Visa.

So the requirements one should have is:

  • The applicant should not suffer from Tuberculosis.

  • The applicant should have a crystal clear background. He has not done any crime earlier, and even not convicted for any crime also. If the applicant has faced imprisonment for one year or more than that, he cannot apply for ETA Visa.

These two things are essential to check when you apply for the ETA Visa. After checking on these two terms, it is time to check whether the person is eligible or not through iVisa's Visa Checker Tool. This tool is useful to check for eligibility. When you go for the eligibility test, the results will come instantly.

What documents needed?

When it comes to applying for ETA Visa, you need some of the documents. No doubt, applying for ETA Visa is way easier than going to the offices. It helps to be hassle-free, as you do not need now to go to the Australian Embassy. Currently, applying for the ETA Visa requires some documents.

  • Valid Passport:

When the French people travel internationally, they need to keep their passports with them. Attaining your access is not a tough job. It is just that you need to collect it from your authorized country's office. Ensure the passport has the validity of at least 90 days since you arrive on the exact date to Australia.

  • Payment Mode:

Before submitting your application, make sure to pay for the visa service. You can through your debit card, credit card, and even through PayPal as well.

When you apply with these documents, you have to answer a few questions for which you have to answer. Do not worry about the problems, because there are straightforward questions they will ask you—just state why you are visiting Australia. Make sure not to lie when you are answering the questions. Rest you can choose any payment mode as per your requirement.


When you get done with this procedure, now you can move forward with the application form. I hope you got it that applying for Visa Australie is not a big and challenging job. If in case there is still any problem causing issues, you can contact the iVisa Customer Support.

The customer support service will be available 24*7, so get them when needed to. Make sure while applying, answer the questions correctly, and after that, review your answers before making the payment. An online application is a far better way than visiting the Australian Embassy. Your ETA will not take much time if you follow up with the procedure appropriately. It is very necessary to get the visa and then enjoy your trip.


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