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6 tips to travel more in 2020

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How many times in a year do you think that you would like to travel more and how many times did you stay home because of the thoughts "I don't have...", "I can't...", "not now..."? Don't be afraid, you're not alone! One thing to understand from the top of your mind when you set out to achieve your travel goals: there is no better time than NOW! Yes, you are right - life is full of urgent crumbs that need your attention and that only aim to keep you home in your daily routine. So, as with any other things you propose: you need to take action, establish your battle plan and make it come true!

1. Everything is about priorities

Travel is synonymous with movement so you go from one place to another, discovering corners of the world (or even country) that you have never seen before and let yourself be surprised by all the new perspectives that come upon you. You will notice how many different points of view there are on what we call "life". And if we look at things in the long run, that starts to sound like a priority, doesn't it? Let's start with the beginning and step number 1: learn to give travel the first place and learn to identify with it. Put it among the first places and start to make plans about traveling.

2. What are the obstacles that keep you in place?

Once, mentally, you have put your travels on the forefront, it already seems much easier to face the obstacles, which will not hold up and will inevitably come to you. So what's holding you back?

Are you in a permanent conflict with time? Welcome to the club. So many adventures and so little time... This is the ground where priorities come into play. If you want more time for travel, all you need is in-depth planning. It is much easier to organize your vacations beforehand, when your schedule is still open and you can juggle the responsibilities, than when you are in the middle of them and they all haunt you.

3. Where do you want to travel?

Let's go back to the bucket list. You need a place to start because it is impossible to get in the action when all you have are unclear dreams that, like smoke, appear and dissolve, lose their shape and become something else, reappear and get lost on the horizon line. You have to narrow your endless preferences and sort them out. If you want to travel to exotic places for a longer time, don’t forget to pack all your necessary things and check them a few times. Besides your phone, you can take your tablet as well, maybe you want to watch some movies while you relax on the beach, take more photos or even play Book of Ra to enhance your exotic experience. Slots are the easiest way to have fun and relax at the same time, so no matter where you are, you can play a round or two even while being on vacation. It’s important to enjoy your day to the fullest, relax in the best way and of course, to have fun!

Make a list of places your soul cries for and allow yourself to fantasize for a while. After the imagination is over, it is time to turn them into reality. Choose one of the destinations (or more), but be realistic and hold on to that. Soon you will no longer be in a vague amalgamation of destinations, with an endless list that fights for your attention and you will finally be able to plan.

4. How do you make time for travel?

You have chosen your dream destination and you have chosen a list of Things You Must See Longer Than the Great Chinese Wall. You made some quick calculations to figure out how much you needed in terms of money and time. And then... you put everything in pending: "Next year it sounds more feasible."

The classic mistake! To take incredible experiences from them, travels don’t need to be long or lavish. Plan ahead and organize extended weekends. This is a brilliant idea to start discovering the world, and even just three days spent somewhere other than the city borders have the power to give you new perspectives. Important: Don't try to see everything in one go.

Choose a few goals to visit and leave your schedule open for what life is preparing for you. In this way, you let the time have countless opportunities to surprise you and to the moments, a chance to appreciate them to the fullest.

The secret lies in the expectations we have from our vacation and in the perception of time. Only if you spend your weekends counting, you realize that you have 104 days off per year. Add another 3 weeks of vacation and you will reach a total of 3 months that you can dedicate to travel. This without taking into account the legal holidays. Yes, you have enough time!

5. Devour everything that falls into your hand about your future destination

To keep your diet motivated, you'd better lift your obsession for your next trip to the highest peaks. Simply immerse yourself in the destination of your dreams even before you get there. Read stories told by those who have already been there, watch movies that talk about the place, browse guides and articles and make a list of places you want to see. Probably the most important thing, read novels that paint a history of the place and imagine how it is to be there. This is a wonderful way to put aside the superficiality with which you have been tempted to look at the place.

6. Where are two people, power increases

A friend might keep you well anchored to the cause - someone you share the same interests with, and would be happy to monitor your progress if you agree to do the same instead.

If you define yourself as a lone wolf...well, the strategy is about the same. Constantly set short-term goals, set deadlines and meet them. You will be amazed to discover how easy everything is if you take it step by step and try not to conquer the world in one jump.

Bon voyage and have fun!

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