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Maintaining a healthy smile through daily brushing and flossing is essential but keeping a balanced diet is of tantamount importance considering that there is a direct link between the foods we eat and the development of tooth decay. Ingestion of too much sugary food enables the bacteria in the buccal cavity to produce an increased amount of acid, which attacks and damages the outer covering of the teeth, called the enamel that eventually penetrates and destroys the internal parts of the teeth leading to tooth decay or worse, tooth loss. Lifestyle change, starting by consuming nutritious foods from all food groups promotes not only healthy teeth and gums, but also a healthier body in general. Your local dentist can actually help you with this and that is exactly what Dr. Ellie Nadian at Pure Dentistry will do for you. She takes an holistic view of you and help you develop good habits that is beneficial for both your dental and overall health.

Less Sugar, Less Hassle

All sugars enable the bacterial flora in the mouth to proliferate causing an acid buildup, which results in tooth decay. Refined sugars like the common table sugar have the same damaging effects in comparison to its unrefined counterparts such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses. Starchy foods, including cereals and biscuits, leave bits of residues in between the teeth while sodas and sweetened drinks awash the entire mouth with sugar that bacteria rapidly utilize. You will be dumbfounded by how much sugar is added on your favourite beverages.

Furthermore, the consumption of sugar-rich foods is a major public health concern as these foods are usually sold as "healthier alternatives", including low-fat (but flavoured) dairy derivatives, energy drinks, protein bars, and among others. These foods are popular because they are cheap, quick, and easy. Small amounts of sugar are acceptable but small amounts on a regular basis is a completely different story.

The Wiser Option

Optimum oral health can start from eating foods rich in calcium that promotes stronger bones and teeth such as fortified dairy products and green, leafy vegetables. In addition, phosphorus such as those found in eggs, fish, lean meat, and legumes help build healthier teeth while Vitamin C found in citrus fruits improves gum health.

As mentioned, forgo of the sugary treats, including sticky and hard candies and opt for an alternative with better nutritional values, and you will do yourself a favour. Keeping dental cavities at bay through brushing the teeth or even rinsing the mouth every after meal can be beneficial as it gets rid of the food particles trapped in the mouth.

Ultimately, it is important to bear in mind that oral health problems can be prevented through an amalgamation of a holistic diet, intake of plenty of water, sound oral hygiene, i.e, brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, dental flossing, and drinking fluoridated water, and regular visits to your dentist.


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