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Why Manual Handling Training in Healthcare Is a Must?

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Manual handling injuries are the biggest hazard to healthcare workers. As per the 2021 report, the US experienced 7.3 non-fatal injuries for every 100 residential aged care and nursing workers. 

So, it’s really important to provide manual handling aged care training to your staff. This will enable them to offer efficient care to the elderly and ensure the safety of both workers and patients. 

You can access it from the OHS training center. They offer a variety of work health safety courses that are online, quality-focused, and can be completed from any device. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find other reasons why manual handling training is a must!  

What is Manual Handling Training in Healthcare?

Manual handling training in healthcare involves educating staff on safe techniques for lifting, moving, and supporting patients or equipment. The main goal is to prevent injuries and ensure proper care.

Types of Manual Handling Tasks

  • Patient Lifting – This task involves lifting patients from beds to chairs or stretchers. It requires techniques that minimize strain on the caregiver’s back while ensuring the patient's safety and comfort.
  • Patient Repositioning – Repositioning patients in bed to prevent bedsores and improve comfort involves techniques for turning, sliding, or adjusting the patient’s position without causing harm to the patient or the caregiver.
  • Transferring Patients – Moving patients from one location to another, such as from a wheelchair to a toilet, involves using assistive devices or proper techniques to ensure a smooth and safe transfer.
  • Handling Medical Equipment – Tasks include lifting, moving, and positioning heavy medical equipment like oxygen tanks, stretchers, and monitors, which require proper techniques to prevent injuries and ensure the equipment is handled safely.
  • Supporting Ambulatory Patients – Assisting patients who can walk but need support, such as elderly or post-surgical patients, involves proper techniques to provide stability and prevent falls while protecting the caregiver’s back and joints.

Why is Manual Handling Training in Healthcare a Must?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of exactly why manual handling training is essential in the healthcare industry:

     1. Preventing Injury & Damage

Healthcare workers frequently lift, move, and support patients, which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries if not done correctly. Training greatly reduces the risk of strains, sprains, and other damages. 

     2. Increasing Patient Safety

Proper manual handling techniques help in safely moving patients, minimizing the risk of falls and other accidents that can harm patients. This is especially important for patients who are frail, elderly, or immobile.

     3. Compliance with Regulations

Many countries have stringent health and safety regulations that mandate manual handling training for healthcare workers. Compliance helps avoid legal issues and ensures a safe working environment.

     4. Improving Staff Efficiency

Training in manual handling can make healthcare workers more efficient in their tasks. As they learn the best practices for moving patients and equipment, this can lead to better time management and productivity in healthcare settings.

     5. Reducing Absenteeism and Costs

Injuries from improper manual handling can result in significant absenteeism and increased healthcare costs due to treatment and compensation. Effective training reduces these risks and leads to lower associated costs for healthcare facilities.


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