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Common Issues That Cause Vehicle’s Air Conditioning To Blow Warm Air

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The air conditioning in our cars have frequently saved our lives on hot days (well that’s what it feels like, at least), but there are instances where they can fail to provide that invigorating blast of cool air that we so sorely need. If your air conditioner is blowing hot or warm air instead of cool air, it might be an indication that there’s something wrong with your car – the only problem here is that it could be related to a number of different things. In this article, we take a look at what a few of these common issues to give you a better idea of what to look out for if your car’s air conditioner is misbehaving.

Common air conditioner issues

Although a warm air conditioner might not feel like a reason to callup the services of the local mobile mechanic Tweed Heads for some, sometimes it could be an indicator of a more serious problem. The first of these issues is related to a refrigerant leak, which is perhaps the most common issue that can befall a car’s air conditioning system. This leak can be caused by something as small as a pinprick in the web of rubber and neoprene that make up your air conditioning system, a problem which is made even more frustrating by this hole often being too small to actually see. When a mechanic diagnoses this problem, they will often have to resort to the application of a reflective dye into the air conditioning system to see where the issue is. It won’t necessarily be an instant fix, either – if the hole proves particularly hard to find, you might have to drive the car for a few days to let it do its thing before you take it back.

More components that might be causing problems

It might even be possible that your air conditioner compressor and clutch unit might be playing up. This crucial part of the system is responsible for taking low-pressure refrigerant liquid and effectively converting it into high-pressure gas, and this process involves quite a few components. First, the refrigerant needs to be at a very specific level to enable the compressor, then the power supply turns the clutch either on or off and finally the drive belt is responsible for spinning the unit and compressing the gas. The problem could actually be with any one of these elements, so your mechanic will take a look through to figure out exactly which one is giving you grief. The problem might also lie in your air conditioners condenser, which effectively functions like a radiator for the system – this uses incoming cool air to lower the temperature of hot gasses hot air, and can be damaged quite easily from road debris.

Sick of all that hot air?

If you’re sick of putting up with an air conditioner that blows warm air on hot days, consider the cost of getting it fixed an investment. Unfortunately, it can be very tough to know how complex the issue is, and it could be any number of things until it’s diagnosed by a auto mechanic. It might be the case that it only requires a small fix, and from there you can enjoy the rest of your Australian summer in complete comfort while driving.


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