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5 Signs That You Need A New Helmet

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A motorcycle helmet is an essential and commonly used safety gear. No biker should ever ride a bike without wearing a helmet that meets all the safety standards. However, when it comes to replacing helmets, most riders don’t care enough. 

Replacing a helmet after a certain period is as important as wearing one. But when is the right time to replace a helmet? How do you know if your helmet can no longer protect you? 

Here we have discussed five signs that highlight the need for a new helmet. 

Sign #1: Your helmet has celebrated its fifth anniversary 

As a rule of thumb, you should not use a helmet if it is older than five years. After five years of constant use, your helmet might not be in the perfect condition to provide you with optimum protection while riding a bike. 

Constant use exposes helmets to weather, UV rays, dust, and other aspects that meddle with the glues, resins, and other elements of the helmet and interfere with its integrity. Resultantly, your helmet begins to weaken, jeopardising your safety. 

Experts recommend that you should replace your helmet after every five years. Snell safety standards also follow a five-year policy. 

Furthermore, as technology is evolving with time, the industry welcomes new safety features by the day. Changing your helmet every five years will keep you shoulder to shoulder with the latest innovations. Plus, using outdated products doesn’t make any sense. 

Sign #2: The strap or lock is failing 

The biggest red flag that you need to change your helmet is strap or lock failure. 

Over time and with use, the strap locks of the helmets get corroded due to dirt and weather. Hence, the helmet keeps wobbling, compromising your safety. 

Check the chin strap of your helmet. If it does work properly, consider chin strap replacement or buy a new one. 

Sign #3: The interior is coming off 

The inner side of the helmet is lined with fabric and paddings. After a certain period, the inner linings and paddings start to peel off. Not only does it make your helmet uncomfortable to wear, but it also makes you vulnerable to mishaps. The loose parts might get into your eyes, nose, or ears, disturbing you while riding your bike. 

Replace the inner lining and paddings if they are replaceable, or throw away your old helmet and get a new one. 

Sign #4: The exterior is wearing off

If you think wear and tear on the exterior of your helmet is just an aesthetic concern, you are mistaken. Any sign of wear and tear on the exterior makes you prone to sustaining injuries in accidents. 

Most helmets, such as Fox helmets, are lined by an expanded polystyrene shell (EPS) from the inside, which absorbs the impacts of collapsing. Wear and tear on the outside of the helmet hints damage to the EPS layer. 

If there are signs of wear and tear on the exterior of your helmet, you should replace it immediately. 

Sign #5: Your helmet stinks 

Well, it is a no-brainer. You can’t keep on wearing a helmet that stinks of sweat. 

The hypoallergenic lining and padding inside the helmet absorb all the sweat. If not maintained properly, the helmet starts to stink.

Make it a point to wash your helmet every 5 to 6 months. You can also use a helmet deodorizer after every use to keep it smelling fresh. 

The bottom line 

If you do not want to threaten your safety while riding a bike, take a closer look at your helmet. Throw it away if you see any of these signs and get a new one.


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