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You wake up grumpy and cranky on a Monday morning because you slept late. You want to sleep more and you do not want to talk to anyone. Your mind is numb and your energy level is zero. You have a very important day but you are not ready for it. Before even checking the phone, you drink a huge mug of hot coffee. As soon as you drink, the world becomes a colorful and fun place to live. It becomes a better place to live in. You are suddenly ready to conquer the day. Your mood is improved. This is the power of coffee. One should never underestimate the power coffee possesses.

Coffee has become a staple drink all over the world. The smell of coffee just puts everything in perspective. It is highly used all over the world. Most of the human being’s morning is incomplete without a cup of good hot coffee.

Boutique coffee roasters in Sydney are proof that good coffee makes a person feel better about everything. Today there are so many variations in coffee like cappuccino, lattes, Americano, espresso, black coffee and many more. Every country in this world has their variation and their recipe to make their perfect cup of coffee.

But as they say excessive to anything is harmful. And then there is this friend who hates coffee and tells people how dangerous it is. And this poor cup of coffee becomes your guilty pleasure. Well, the good news is coffee is not bad for health if taken in limits. Studies and researches have shown that moderate intake of coffee which is about 1-3 cups, has shown many pros of drinking coffee. In fact, it has many health benefits that many of you are unaware of. Have a look at some benefits that might decrease your guilt of loving the coffee immensely.

Antioxidants: Studies show coffee has more antioxidants than raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry or oranges. Antioxidants are extremely beneficial for you because they keep you healthy by fighting many diseases such as arthritis or even cancer. So coffee provides you with these antioxidants. They have free radicals that give you a healthy body.

Fresh: A cup of coffee in the morning really wakes up and prepares you for the whole day. When caffeine is kicked in, you feel fresh and your eyes are fully opened after that cup of coffee so most people drink coffee right after they are awake religiously. Everything makes sense to them when their nose smells the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee.

Memory boost: Waking up very tired and mind not working at all? Have a cup of coffee because coffee boosts short term memory. Research showed that people who took caffeine showed an increase in memory as compared to those who did not have caffeine. Caffeine affects those areas which control memory and concentration so a cup of coffee can also make you alert.

Heart: Most people do not know this but coffee is good for your heart. Coffee supports the health of your heart and protects it from all types of damage such as artery blockage. Although coffee is sometimes associated with issues of high blood pressure. Hence, people already having this problem should have limited or no intake of coffee.

Depression: It was found that coffee lowers the chances of depression. People who drink a lot of coffee were on the lowest scale of depression as compared to people who do not drink coffee.

Energy: Coffee will make you feel less tired. The caffeine in the coffee is absorbed into the bloodstream in the brain which increases energy levels. Coffee does not only improve energy levels but also makes your mood better and helps you function better.

Fat burner: It is hard to believe but yes coffee burns fat. How? Well, caffeine is found in most supplements which claim to lose weight. And caffeine is the only natural ingredient found in those supplements which aid in weight loss. That does not mean that one should have a cup of coffee every morning and think they will lose weight without doing anything. It helps break down fat and increases metabolism. Increased metabolism aids in weight loss.

Nutrients: A lot of people do not know but coffee is a healthy drink if not taken excessively. It is loaded with nutrients such as manganese, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, etc. When you drink your morning coffee, you are getting a lot of nutrients that work to keep your body healthy and happy.

Parkinson: You may not believe this, but coffee protects from Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that coffee lowers the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. In research, it was observed that people who drink coffee are at a lower risk of experiencing such diseases.

Liver: Coffee is good for your liver. The liver is the most vital organ of the body and coffee keeps the liver healthy. Coffee protects the liver from all the liver diseases. Diseases such as liver cancer, gallstones, etc.

Workouts: It was observed that coffee improves your workout routine. People who had coffee before they worked out are better than people who did not. In fact, they ran on the treadmill faster and longer as compared to those who did not have a cup of coffee.

Strokes: Drinking at least 2 cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of having a stroke. Coffee can decrease the risk of stroke by almost 14%. The remaining 86% is done by some major lifestyle changes such as avoiding smoking.


If your guilty pleasure is your morning cup of coffee, then worry not these benefits got you covered. And congratulations, it is not your guilty pleasure anymore. However, one should not exceed the limit of coffee per day. Or else these benefits can be changed into drastic cons in some time. Coffee is a healthy drink. Whether you drink it with or without sugar. It is still not proved if the decaffeinated coffees are as healthy and beneficial as the caffeinated one. Happy drinking, without any guilt of ruining your health.

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