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A good caterer is easy to reach and answers your calls and emails quickly. If there are problems with communication at the beginning, this will also make later cooperation more difficult. In addition to its communication skills, your caterer should also be good at organizing the event. Did you receive your offer on time? If not, it can be a bad sign.

How to Hire a Caterer

At this point, you should have shortlisted a few things to consider before hiring a caterer. There are still a few ways to find the right caterer and a few things to think about when you hire him.





Here are ten things to consider before hiring a caterer:


1.    Photos From Past Events

A photo can tell you a lot about what to expect from their services. It is a good idea to look at pictures of past events.

2.    Certificates

Check that the caterer has certificates before you hire them. These should comply with food standards and any requirements set out in your event insurance contract. Certification shows the professionalism of the service providers.


3.    Ingredients

You may also have to check where the caterer gets the ingredients for their food. Are they regional? Are they organic? Were they traded fairly?


4.    Preparation

Talk to your caterer about how they prepare food. For some dishes, it is cheaper not to prepare them on-site. Some foods should be prepared directly at the venue.


5.    Tasting Test

You saw the pictures, but what about the real taste? A good caterer will give you tastings so you can determine if their food meets your expectations before you hire them.


6.    Furniture and Dishes

Not all venues provide you with furniture and dishes. However, catering companies Sydney include this in their price. Find out if that’s an option for you! If neither the venue nor the caterer offer dishes, contact a separate provider.


7.    Available Staff

Find out if the catering company provides enough staff for your event. Usually, you need a waiter for two tables unless there is a buffet. Make sure there is enough staff on site.

8.    Contract Details

Make sure that all details are clarified when you negotiate the contract with your caterer. Are all delivery items listed? Is VAT included? Does the staff expect a tip? Did you read the fine print too?


9.    Cancellation Policy

Even if you don’t expect the cancellation of your event, it’s good to be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Familiarize yourself with your caterer’s cancellation policy - just in case.

Some platforms help you to plan, promote, and host your events. You can create a page for your event and sell your first tickets in under five minutes!


10.Experience and Specialization

Many caterers have specialization in a certain type of event, just like most event planners. Make sure your caterer has experience with the nature of your event. Find a caterer with the right experience for the type of event.

You have completed the initial research. Now it’s time to see some more things to consider for the right caterer for your event. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that a good caterer has to help you make the right choice.

You must consider these important things in the catering jargon to avoid misunderstandings.


11.Customer Service

Your needs and expectations as a customer should be a top priority for the caterer. Make a note of whether a caterer meets your specific requirements or not.



You should check how flexible the caterer is regarding the menu and how they serve the food. Find out if they can adapt his offer to nutritional requirements such as food allergies and gluten-free meals.

13.Customer Reviews

Online reviews and personal recommendations speak a lot when it comes to the competence of a caterer. Do your due diligence and research the caterer before hiring someone. Use a website to find a catering company and read reviews about it.

Choosing the right wedding caterer is not the easiest. Here are a few things to consider so that you don’t forget anything. We have compiled a list of the most important questions that you should ask your wedding caterer

·        Is it possible to work with your chosen wedding location?

This is one of the most important questions that they should answer before you choose the event location and caterer. Because in some locations, it is only possible to involve the in-house event service providers in the ceremony. If you have already chosen your wedding locations, you should quickly find out whether you can also book an external wedding caterer!

·        Which kitchen do you specialize in?

This is, of course, crucial if you have special requests! Do you want seasonal cuisine? Regional cuisine? Or something very exotic? Then your caterer should also be specialized. Because it makes no sense to order a sushi buffet from a caterer for regional Bavarian dishes!

·        Do they have all the necessary licenses and permits?

You must ask for the permits and licenses, especially if it is a small company or a caterer that provides event services independently. You should also ensure that all permits are available especially from the health authority!

·        Do you offer fixed menus or can we choose and put it together ourselves?

Some caterers offer their menus and are reluctant to accept special requests. Therefore, you should consider this beforehand whether you prefer a set menu (advantage: everything is coordinated and tested at other wedding parties) or a freely compiled one buffet (advantage: you can realize your personal preferences)!

·        Does the offer include cost per person?

This is, of course, crucial for your budget planning. Ask the caterer directly that it is possible to book a menu according to your budget. You should also be aware of what is the cost per capita of each offer so that there are no unexpected costs afterward.

·        Can they also respond to intolerances or special requests from individual guests?

Especially if you expect a very large event party, there are guaranteed to be many different incompatibilities and special requests. While vegetarians and vegans are still relatively easy to make happy, it is getting trickier to deal with different intolerances. Therefore, you should find out from your caterer whether he is flexible or not. After that, make a list of the various extra orders.

·        When do you need the final number of event guests?

Sure, you also gave your event guests a deadline. So that you don’t get embarrassed when it comes to ordering the wedding menu, you should get the deadline for the order from the caterer. You can then leave out the late invites so that you can give the final number of guests in a good time.



You should not be a picky eater. When choosing the right catering services, on the other hand, you should be very choosy. Ultimately, the event is not about you. It’s about the experience of your guests.

So it is worthwhile to do some research before time if you plan to hold events in the future. Hiring a catering company for the event can be the beginning of a lasting business relationship. You should now have a much better picture of how you choose and hire a caterer for an event.

Good luck!

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