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Takeaway coffee, like phones, seems to have taken over everyone's lives. When strolling down some crowded street or sitting in a library, half of the people around will be drinking coffee from a disposable cup. However, the indulgence comes with a price: one takeout beverage a day per person generates more than 10kg of garbage per year. Cafes should consider buying personalised cafe coffee cups wholesale.

Coffee rejuvenates people, but the use of disposable cups makes it an enemy of the environment. However, it does not necessarily have to continue like that. Here are the reasons why people should ditch plastic cups in favour of reusable coffee cups.

Per week, at least seven containers are used for coffee per person and ultimately discarded. That's more than 300 cups every year, but that doesn't even include other consumer goods served in paper cups at numerous events.

Environment friendly:

The primary justification for giving up disposable cups is to protect the world. Every two minutes, 10,000 cups are thrown in the trash, amounting to over 2.5 billion per year. Consumers believe that disposable cups are environmentally friendly, but just one out of every 400 containers is treated.

The cardboard is fused with a plastic coating that cannot be removed from the cardboard in a standard treatment plant to make the cups durable. This makes recycling very tough, with only a few specialist plants capable of doing so.

Saves money:

Refillable mugs will keep the freshly brewed coffee hot over several hours – even though people don't need it most of the time due to the rate of use. This is no longer a problem, thanks to the availability of various long-lasting insulated containers in the market. Insulated portable mugs are available in many types.


The cups will be very budget-friendly for the cafes because they do not have to replace them every now and then. It would be wise to buy reusable cafe coffee cups wholesale.

Coffee is safer in reusable cups:

Reusable cups remove the unpleasant flavour of plastic from the morning coffee. Certain containers can also contain toxic plastic BPA, which can also pollute the drink and the body if people drink hot beverages from them regularly. Despite contradictory data on BPA risks, using a glass, BPA-free plastic, or ceramic cup eliminates potential health hazards.

Trendy and viable:

The cardboard coffee cup seems to be the trendy accessory of the twenty-first century, and there are several excellently designed sustainable cups on the market. Making an eco-friendly gesture will also be a better look for the cafe.

Most reusable cups have a rotating cap or lid to protect the liquid from spilling when people are just running about or getting pushed out of the way on a crowded bus ride. However, the testing revealed that the cover's efficacy tends to vary, with some providing more effective spill covering than the others.

Generating free advertising:

Applying the company's icon, brand name, colour combinations, and other branding to reusable coffee cups transforms every sale into a travelling, portable commercial.

When a customer walks into a mall with the coffee in hand, the brand is seen by many people. And further, placing the brand in the hands of a buyer brings social evidence to the product.

A branded coffee cup serves as a virtual advertisement for the café, giving it exposure without incurring the costs associated with traditional posters, signage, and other visual advertisements.


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