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Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase you are what you eat. We're here to tell you that it's more than a phrase. It's a fact that can't be more true. 

If all you drink is coffee and consume foods with high amounts of sugar, you'll be nice and jittery for a while. That is before the inevitable crash. 

Trade up those dietary habits with foods that relieve stress. You can get the warm fuzzies that coffee gives you by drinking a cup of hot tea. 

Just because you're trying to be healthier doesn't mean that you can't indulge every once in a while with a piece of dark chocolate too. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Matcha Powder

First up on the list of foods that can help relieve stress and anxiety is matcha powder. All forms of green tea have a certain non-protein amino acid called L-theanine. This helpful little amino acid has the power to increase the brain's production of dopamine and serotonin. 

The compounds found in matcha powder can also speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight, and it works for boosting your immune system. When you look and feel good, the world will be your oyster. 

Due to how matcha powder is made, the compounds in it are much stronger than they are in traditional green tea. Matcha powder doesn't have as much caffeine as green tea, though, so you'll be able to reap all these benefits without getting a bad case of the jitters. 

2. Warm Cup of Tea 

There's something about drinking a warm cup of tea on a cold day that makes it feel like someone's wrapping you in a big hug. Some teas have a small dash of caffeine, so they're better to drink in the morning as well. They'll wake you up without waking you up too much and causing your mood to crash later. 

If you're trying to relax or fall asleep, you can buy herbal teas that contain lavender and camomile. Both are notorious for knocking people out. 

We will warn you that if you're trying to mellow out, you should avoid dark teas. They don't have as much caffeine as coffee, but they can still keep you awake for a while. 

3. Swiss Chard 

When your parents told you to eat your veggies, they weren't only trying to get you to clear your plate. Certain leafy greens are seriously good for you. Swiss chard is one of them, at least where mood is concerned. 

It's one of the best foods that relax you because it contains high levels of magnesium. This mineral plays a huge role in your ability to cope with stress. In fact, those who don't have enough magnesium are way more prone to anxiety. 

Besides that, you can whip swiss chard into some seriously tasty meals. Keeping your hands busy with a pan is a great way to relieve stress too. If cooking isn't really your speed, you could always try arts and crafts with scheepjes stone washed yarn. 

4. Dark Chocolate 

You're trying to improve your mood by eating a bit healthier, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge every now and again. The perfect way to do that is with dark chocolate. 

It can help you feel calm and relaxed in a few different ways. The first is by providing your body with essential antioxidants that reduce the number of stress hormones in the body. 

The second way it helps you relax is by providing you with something that you can savour. Remember that you should reward yourself with a little dark chocolate now and again. It's not indulgence if you eat it all the time.

When you're choosing a chocolate bar to eat, take a close look at the back of the wrapper. You want to get a bar that's full of natural ingredients. If it packs too much sugar, it will do the opposite of calming you down. 

5. Sweet Potatoes 

Cortisol is the hormone in your body that's responsible for keeping your anxiety in check. When you experience chronic stress, it throws your cortisol levels off balance. 

Carbs that are rich in certain nutrients can help balance things back out. Sweet potatoes fit the bill in this case. They're packed with essential vitamins and minerals that will keep your mood lifted, and they taste delicious. 

6. Whole Grain Bread 

When it comes time for you to make a sandwich, always reach for the whole grain bread. Carbohydrates can help increase your body's output of serotonin. 

Well, the healthy refined ones can anyway. The unrefined carbs found in white bread will give you a quick boost of energy, but you'll crash after a few hours. 

7. Kimchi 

Last up on the list is kimchi. If you've never heard of it, it's fermented napa cabbage and daikon. It's rich in probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins that keep your gut happy. 

When your gut is happy, you're happy. This is because your gut is probably more responsible for producing serotonin than your brain is. 

Keep in mind that most fermented foods are good for balancing your gut bacteria. So, if you don't like kimchi too much, it's not the end of the world. 

Foods That Relieve Stress and Revitalize the Spirit 

Have you been feeling down in the dumps lately? Before you go pointing fingers at your job or home life, you should think about the things that you eat. 

Most of the foods that go into your body react with your brain's supply of mood-lifting hormones. Many meals will give you a short burst of energy before causing a crash. 

Kick those foods to the curb and start refining your diet today. For more foods that relieve stress and please the taste buds, visit the Food & Beverage section of our blog. 


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