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Clever Ways To Plan The Food Selection During A Company Meeting

  • Written by Ryan Callihan

Workplace meetings can leave every participant feeling tired while in the middle of a discussion. Because of this, it is very crucial to keep everyone energised and nourished by serving them nutritious food during the meeting. Each meal should be easy to eat yet packed with all the good stuff to help them avoid feeling sluggish for the rest of the day. It would also help if the foods served are universally appealing.

While chips and candies can keep temporarily filling up the tummies, these are not enough to keep them full. Calling the chefs from A1 Canteen, for example, would allow you to come up with the right meal plan to serve to the meeting participants. If you are confused in choosing the food to serve for your next company meeting, here are several factors that can help you make up your mind.

Find Out Who Will Attend The Meeting

The meals that you will serve during the meeting must be appropriate to the formality of the meeting. If the participants of the next office gathering involve the company CEO and the rest of the board, it would be impolite to serve them snacks and coffee from the hallway vending machine. You may want to level up the food choices that you will serve them since they are the ones who make the big decisions for the company. Meanwhile, team meetings composed of a large group of people may appreciate pre-packed snacks like sandwiches for easy consumption.

Select Uncomplicated Food Choices

While the food can lift everyone’s spirits during a meeting, it must not become a distraction during the gathering. Because of this, serving food that can make some noise like nachos and popcorns may not be a good idea. Stay away from anything that could drip and mess up the presentation materials. To make things easier, you may serve small sandwiches during the meeting. The attendees will appreciate this meal since they only need to use one hand while eating so they can continue writing down notes with their free hand.

Consider Everyone’s Dietary Restrictions

You may love eating anything with shrimps, but one of your workmates may have a strong seafood allergy. Serving everyone the same type of food can be risky if you will not consider everyone’s dietary restriction. If you intend to serve ham sandwiches for the meals, you might have to leave out your vegan or vegetarian colleagues or those who strictly observe the dietary restrictions of their religion. It will be unfair if you will not prepare any food for them.

To address this, you can tell the chefs from A1 Canteen to come up with a variety of selection for your meeting meals. It should include meat-less options for those who only eat a plant-based diet. They must also indicate the ingredients of each food item, so people with allergies know which ones to avoid.

Leave Out The Sugar

While chocolates can be a tempting treat, serving it during the meeting can be the wrong choice. Those who ate chocolates to keep them awake during a meeting might experience a sugar crash later in the day. It will make them feel burned out and out of focus even before the meeting wraps up. So instead of serving doughnuts during a meeting, provide them with fruits or yogurts for dessert to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

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