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Premium academic writing services for short memos, long reports, research reports and more. Our writers work with you to draft content based on your notes, style, format and word or page count.

Based on your requirements, we will match you with one of our pre-screened expert academic writers who will start work within 30 minutes and can deliver within 12 hours. Just fill out a quick form and your dedicated project manager will coordinate and perform quality checks for you to make sure you're satisfied with the results.


Our unique service allows you to:

Use expert academic writers experienced in writing academic documents using proper sourcing and academic formatting.

Focus on research for the paper while an expert helps you put the research to use.

Brainstorm with your account manager to refine your ideas for better results.

Combine with other services like web research and article writing to find academic resources and push your paper further.

Create a team and set up ongoing content writing support. To explore the more and find out all the things by visiting at freelance writing jobs site

The Brief

Expected word/page count

Academic writing is charged by words written, so knowing how much you need written is vital to the project.


The budget shapes your results. We strive for the highest quality, so check out our guidelines on pricing below the project you need and then prepare a budget accordingly.


Your academic writer will need to understand the style of writing you hope to receive. If you can, provide a sample of writing you prefer or of your own writing so the writer can find the voice.


The more well-defined your topic, the easier it is to write about and get correct the first time.


Include information on where the paper will be published, keywords or SEO to incorporate and the purpose of the paper.

Any work you’ve already completed

Even if you feel it won’t be helpful, if you’ve already jotted down notes or started the work on your own, include it so the writer can gain greater insight into the project.

Academic Writing Tips

To better understand the process of writing academic content and perfect your vision, here are some tips for getting high-quality, formal content:

A mix of personal and research-based ideas

One of the first things a writer should understand about the process of academic writing is that these content pieces are a blend of the writer’s personal ideas and beliefs on a particular topic, and of the ideas they have acquired through in-depth research.

Formal, factual writing style

The academic writing style is on point, without unnecessary fluff, and focuses more on facts and information.


An academic piece of writing needs to have a clear structure, and the ideas need to be presented in a logic and easy-to-follow manner.

Using the right vocabulary

The writer doesn’t necessarily need to know all the specific terms by heart, but he/she should be able to look them up, understand them and know how to use them throughout the paper, in order to better construct their arguments.

Editing and proofreading

This step is crucial when it comes to academic writing. The process of editing should encompass both content and format. The content needs to be clear, concise and persuasive. An important part of making a paper credible is making sure its spelling and grammar are flawless.


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