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Beauty has one definition, however it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. What some might find to be beautiful, other people might not.

Similarly, cultures around the world view beauty in a very different light. Some cultures believe that women should wear make-up whilst others believe that they shouldn’t. Other cultures believe women should have long hair, whilst others prefer short hair.

Keep on reading to discover what beauty means to people all around the world.

Latin America

According to Sofia De Avila, a beauty journalist from, beauty in Latin America is very different to other parts of the world. Latinas enjoy spending time getting ready, they don’t view it as something they have to do but rather an activity that they enjoy doing. And as such, they love to try out new products and take their time.

In terms of beauty standards, women want to have glowing skin, healthy dark hair, a slim body but with good curves, and full bottoms and good breasts.

North America

Meanwhile in the US, beauty standards are a little different. Women in the US crave to have thin bodies, full lips, and big butts. They are also keen on maintaining their appearances with some women resorting to tanning and teeth whitening.


In Australia, women are considered beautiful if they are tanned, and are thin or athletic. They also wear a little bit of makeup to highlight their skin and eyes, as these are the two most desirable physical attributes in Australia.


Japanese women strive for pale skin and big eyes as they think these attributes are most beautiful. They also think that having skinny bodies and small feet help to ensure that women are beautiful.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom beauty standards dictate that women are skinny, with large breasts and a toned bottom. Make-up trends in the UK change a lot, however it is often expected that women sculpt their faces to ensure they show off their cheekbones and eyes.

What Does Beauty Really Mean?

As you can see beauty can be very different. In fact, journalist Esther Honig asked graphic designers to edit an image of her and create beauty by different cultural standards. The results of the experiment might shock you.

The images shown manipulate her original image and transform Esther into what is considered beautiful throughout the world.

There is no one look that is considered beautiful or perfect everywhere. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, you can define your own definitions of beauty and provide yourself with self-love and care everyday.

So it might be time to overthrow foolish traditions or stereotypes of ‘the perfect beauty look’ and embrace just being you. Whether you have large eyebrows, pointy cheekbones, if you aren’t stick thin, or if you have fuller lips, it’s time to be proud of your beauty.

Want to try out a new look? Try out some of these hottest beauty trends from around the world and see what new look you can perfect.


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