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When you are ready to pick your own crystal yoni egg, you need to decide what you will use it for, how big it should be, and how many you need. Some people who would like to use the egg because they need to exercise. You might also want to use these eggs if you are pregnant because you are having a problem with hip pain or pubic bone pain. You can keep these eggs after you give birth because they can help you with exercise. Each of the tips below will make it easier for you to use these eggs properly.

How Big Is It?

You need a big egg if you are tall, and you can get a smaller egg if you are shorter. Some people might get a smaller egg because they want to work harder on their glutes or abs when they are exercising. You can get a taller egg if you are using it for balance, and you should get a moderate one when you are trying to work on your kegels because that will help you with your sexual health. There are many women who want to work on their reproductive health using these eggs, but they cannot do that if they cannot fit on it. This will also help you when you are trying to make sure that you can relax your hips during pregnancy.

How Flexible Is The Egg?

When you are wondering how to choose your crystal yoni egg, you need to think about how flexible it is. Some of these eggs will be firmer than others, and you need to remember that you can get the egg that will suit your level of strength. You can actually step up to stronger and firmer eggs when you get stronger. A lot of women are working on heir bodies every day, and there will come a time when you are simply too strong for the egg you have. Check how flexible the egg is before you buy.

How Often Will You Use It?

You should spend a bit more money when you would like to use your egg every day. These eggs are very strong when you get the nicer models, and that helps you make sure that you will get the best results. You also want to take a look at the warranty so that you know how long you can keep the egg and get service for it. These eggs can be your partner for a long time through your early years when you are doing kegels and working out every day. You can use them when you want to meditate, and you can use them when you are pregnant. The egg will always help you remain as healthy as possible.

The best part of buying one of these eggs is that you can come up with a plan for your health. Pick the egg that is the right size for your height, and choose an egg that will be firm enough for your daily kegels/exercises.


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