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  • Written by Barney Whistance

Dancing is super fun. For most people, it is the best physical activity to relax. It is therapeutic. What if you get the chance to convert your hobby and passion into your career? Dancing for a living sounds super fun but also tiring.

Ballerina is an expression of art through dance. It tells a story through dance steps and is different from all other types of dances. It requires girls’ dance shoes to move effortlessly and are lightweight as well. In a stretch, a professional dancer practices up to four hours so that you can imagine their comfort level.

The dance was first performed during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century. Pierina Legnani was the first female ballerina and awarded as the most notable ballerina in the world. Ballet is even more difficult than football because it requires so much stamina. Ballets can become interesting if watched with focus and interest.  

Ballerinas have a lot of advantages, such as maintaining a perfect body shape. Ballet boosts confidence in them. The skills develop gradually. Ballets teach how to bond with people you dance or work with, and also helps to stay in an excellent posture and fantastic stamina. Ballet is a type of dance which means it also enables you to get rid of any stress.

If you are thinking to enroll your daughter or yourself and make her or yourself a ballerina, then there are few things which should be kept in mind when deciding which are:

1. Body requirements: If you are choosing to be a ballerina, then you must know that this specific dance requires energy and proper posture. So maintaining a healthy diet is the most important thing. Eat what is right for you. Doing yoga can improve flexibility and posture. Physical exercise is essential in any physical activity. It is also essential to stay in shape. Exercise will not only keep you in shape and fit but will also increase your stamina.

2. Training: Enroll yourself in schools that give training for ballet. The training is very tough, but the bitter the wait, the sweeter the result. It takes years to learn all the steps with synchronization properly.

3. Clothes: Buy a proper ballet dress and shoes to help you dance easily. Buying costumes can also have a plus point, which is it will give you even more confidence than before to achieve your goal to become a ballerina. Make sure you buy the shoes and the dress of the exact size of yours to avoid any problems.

4. Rhythm and timing: As mentioned earlier, the ballet tells a story. So you should know when to give expressions and on which rhythm. It is essential to know this, and every girl who aims to become a ballerina should have this skill, and if not, then she should develop it.

5. Experience: When you have achieved level one of the training, you can experience the routine as a performer. It will require a lot of guts, but this will also help you to see your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you improvise even more and do even better than before.

6. Positive: To do anything in life, one must have a positive outlook on it. Stay positive. Think positive about your career. Get inspired by other ballerinas’ efforts and struggles in life.

7. Expenses: Save as much as you can. Ballet schools are not cheap. They require a lot of money and a lot of other daily expenses. Cut down on all your extravagant wishes for at least a few years.

8. Admission: Try to get enrolled as early as possible. Because becoming a renowned ballerina requires a lot of experience. Which means you start it soon. Some girls are in ballet schools when they are 7-11 years old. It takes years of training.

9. Consistency and dedication: Remember, nothing is served on a gold platter. You have to work hard for it. Three things which should never go down: Consistency, stamina and will power. These things will help you get through everything. Even the difficult times too. It is okay to feel down sometimes. But you should think about all your efforts which will offer fruitful results.

10. Focus: Focus is the most important thing. You need a lot of concentration to perform every dance step. If the focus is lost, the outcomes will be dangerous. Maybe it can result in an injury too. So focus and keep the interest level high.


These are the essential tips which will help you in becoming a ballerina. As a budding professional or enthusiast, you should know that you will have to sacrifice a lot of time to practice. They will have to sacrifice their friends for some time. Ballet also gives sore feet. So you should always be prepared for any blister or swelling due to hard training. Keep your medicines with you all the time. At first, it will ache, but then a person gets used to it. Ballet also provides a lot of job opportunities with a handsome amount of salary.  A fun yet scary fact about ballet is that just one performance takes up to at least 5000 hours of practice. So think twice before you decide. Best of luck.


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