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Do you suffer from scratching noise in the night or find strange signs such as gnawed pieces of wooden furniture or droppings in your house? Then, you have to prepare for an unpleasant fight with rodents. These small creatures can transmit dangerous diseases. So, it is better not to put this problem off. There are two main ways of getting rid of rats, but each of them has its subtypes and peculiarities.

Set a Rat Trap

This method has always been popular due to its efficiency and a relatively low price. However, the largest drawback is that you need to check traps regularly, and the moment of finding a dead rat in the trap is not the most pleasant one. Besides, you should ensure that traps are located in places inaccessible to children and pets. The rat traps are divided into:

Live (have a hole which is closed after a rat comes inside; so, the animal stays alive);

Snap (have a mechanism that can kill or injure a rat when it attaches the trap);

Glueboard (consists of a board covered with a special glue to deprive a rat of the opportunity to move, but it is almost inefficient for big rodents).

Bait and Poison for Rodents

Some people use pet food, dried fruits, or cheese to bait rats into the trap. Such tactics can be rather efficient, but you should avoid using soft products such as butter. Another option is to use rat repellents. There is a wide range of them in shops; so, it may be difficult to choose the best rat repellents. It is advisable to prefer natural repellents since they are not harmful to people and domestic animals.

If you feel that you cannot cope with a fight against rats by yourself, ask professionals for help. In any case, make sure that all the surfaces covered with repellents or fitted with traps are protected from accidental contact, especially with children and pets, to avoid poisoning.

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