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It’s unclear how they got themselves organised when, for all we know, they can barely even tie their own shoes or drink from a glass without spilling it but, all the children in the world have managed to band together in order to fight a war against mornings. Children have made it their sworn mission to destroy mornings for their parents!

Oftentimes it feels like you’ve barely opened your eyes when they start in with their questions: can I have cereal? Can we watch TV before school? Is my hair part of my body? What colour was born first purple or yellow? Do all cows have names? How do cows know their names? Where are my socks, shoes, school uniforms, lunch box?

As a parent mornings are your everyday battleground but, with these three tips, you’ll be able to make them slightly easier.

A Productive Morning Begins The Night Before

Make sure you’re getting high-quality sleep It may seem counter-intuitive but a productive morning starts the night before. Basically, if you’re coming at the morning sleep-deprived, you’re fighting a losing battle. To get a full night’s sleep you’ll need to be working with the best equipment in the game. Invest in one of those high-tech mattresses, I know what you’re thinking ‘a place to lay your head is a place to lay your head’, but the quality of your mattress can actually make a major difference to the quality of your sleep. If you’re looking to research the best mattress to suit your current needs, check out this resource.

If your kids haven’t woken you up during the night with a nightmare, a wet bed or a small complaint, first of all, congratulations on a miracle. We love our children and them waking us up during the night is just part of life but, when you’re having a rare night’s sleep without any interruptions from your children, being woken up by your own snoring or your partner’s snoring is enough to make you murderous. There are many ways to stymie snoring, losing weight, changing medication, altering diet but if your snoring is indicative of a serious sleep disorder you might want to ask your doctor about a sleep aid such as a CPAP Machine.

A Big Breakfast With Lots Of Caffeine

You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, as most parents will tell you, coffee makes the world go round! Breakfast as a parent needs to be quick and easy but it also needs to be filling enough to give you the energy to get through the morning. No more eating the toast crusts off your kid’s plates! After you’ve had a cup (or ten!) of coffee then you might want to consider these breakfast recipes, they’re quick and easy to make - you’ll love them and your kids will too!

Use Bribery As Needed

I know what the parenting books say but when you’re struggling to get kids out the door in the morning, bribery should 100% be on the table. Kids can be little tyrants and in the morning there are things that need to get done. So, if your routine falls apart which, let’s face it, it will at some point or another and you want to let your kids watch 20 minutes of cartoons while you have a shower, pack lunches or scarf down some coffee then you absolutely should. If you need to make a bribe with a pack of stickers or a $3 toy car to get them to stop throwing a tantrum about not wanting to put their shoes on then feel free to do so, acting contently in the knowledge that every parent in the world has been in this exact situation many times before you.


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