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  • Written by Patrick Watt

One of the main concerns that all parents face is how to keep their children safe all the time. While that is not always possible, there are many things that they do have control over, like transporting the children safely in a stroller, whether shopping, at the park, or only going for a walk.

Not every stroller is alike. Some are very basic, while others have every safety feature possible to eliminate worry when a parent has to take their small children outside the safety of the home. There are many different websites out there, such as, that offer a wide range of strollers - so it's important to know what you are looking for. Here is a buying guide to help parents choose the right stroller for their kids' safety.

Buy Age Appropriate Strollers

You often see people pushing strollers around, and the child seems to be suffocating because the straps are too tight. Other times, the feet are dangling close to the ground, or the stroller is so big, you can barely see the baby inside of it.

Size, design, age, and weight are important factors to consider when choosing a baby stroller. The older the child, the lesser the need for reclining features, which are mainly for newborn babies who need to lay flat initially. An adjustable stroller or one that carries a detachable baby seat is ideal for keeping newborns safe.

Ensure that the restraining straps are both durable and adjustable. The safest belts connect over both shoulders, across the chest, and between the thighs to keep the child secure.

Check For Proper Braking System

Brakes are just as crucial on a stroller as it is on a motor vehicle or bicycle. It's best to select a stroller with a brake lock system that doesn't press on the tires. Whether the brake lock engages one or both wheels, make sure it is not difficult to engage, so you won't have to be concerned about the stroller running off unexpectedly.

Stability Is Important

Taking children on a safe and comfortable ride means getting them comfortable strollers, like the Icandy baby strollers. The wheel section should be broad enough to allow the seating area to lay lower. The stroller should also be able to stay firm when you rest on the handle. Also, if you hold the handle single-handedly, it should still roll in a straight line.

Check For Design Flaws

Sometimes a stroller may have too many or too little features. When thinking about how to choose a baby stroller, remember to look for any extra parts that can cause choking or may pinch children.

The basket should not be a hindrance, so the lower, the better, and not in front of the wheels. Handles should not be above the mid-section—the shorter, the better, which makes for safe handling. Check to make sure the child or children, if it's a twin stroller, won't fall through the leg openings.

Parenting isn't easy, which is why learning from the experience of others is essential. Checking the stroller ratings and following the manufacturer's instructions are critical to a safe strolling experience.


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