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These days, everyone wants helpful tips and tricks on how they can reduce household expenses and stretch their budgets further. Weekly grocery bills are no exception - actually groceries are one of the largest family expenses we have. Here are some easy tips that everyone can use to help reduce their grocery bills.

Meal Planning

Set aside a few minutes to plan your meals for the week before you hit the grocery store. Write out a list of what meals you will have each day and the ingredients that are required. Make a second list for only the items you need to prepare your meals, which will be your shopping list.

Shop Your Pantry First

Take a good look at what is hidden in your pantry before you go shopping. More often than not, items that you already have in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards can be turned into meals. Make a list of what stock you have - such as frozen chicken, veggies and soups and incorporate these items into your weekly meal planning. Stretch your money further by not wasting. If you have a bag of carrots that are about to go bad, chop them into pieces and freeze them so that they can be used at a later date for a stew or casserole.

Price Compare

Finding cheap groceries becomes a lot easier when you take the time to check online for the best groceries in deals or promotions. Also, it may make sense to go to more than one store, especially if one has a great sale on an item that you use a lot of or that won’t expire quickly. Discount supermarkets are perfect for stocking up on staple items and go for the generic brands as they are usually of similar if not equal quality to popular brand name items.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to save on your grocery bill. Meat can be one of the most expensive items on your list, however, if you purchase in bulk and freeze into smaller portions, the cost per kilogram is significantly reduced. Household items such as toilet paper and paper towels are much less when purchased in large packages.

Do You Need It?

Supermarket displays and ads are designed to make you spend. If you find yourself grabbing an item that was not on your list, ask yourself if you really need it. Remember that your goal is to reduce your weekly grocery bill and stick to that commitment. Skip the processed, pre-packaged convenience items as they are usually at least double in price and loaded with unhealthy preservatives. If you find yourself strapped for time with meal preparation, get the family involved in chopping, peeling and baking - it will become much faster and also is an enjoyable way to spend time together.

Finally, cook in bulk whenever possible. If you are making a large pot of soup, freeze smaller portions that can be used for lunches or a day when you are strapped for time. By getting into the habit of using these tips above, you will see your weekly grocery bill go down and stay manageable.



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