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When it comes to caring for your skin, there’s simply no one-size-fits-all solution. Your skin is as unique as you are, and it’ll require a tailor-made and individual routine to guarantee its health and beauty throughout your life. As our skin is seen in biological terms as a living organ, it’s something that evolves and develops over time alongside whichever skin regime that your experiment with and settle on. So, this article is about that experimentation phase, and how you can do more to achieve the perfect skin regime, with the perfect routine and Australian Natural Skincare products to match your unique skin.

Washing and Hygiene

As you’ll know, the skin is a far more complex organ than meets the eye. It’s speckled with pores that serve a number of different bodily purposes, and it’s these pores that can develop into pimples and blemishes over time. Your skin also naturally secretes grease – a healthy function, though if you never wash this grease off, you’ll find that you develop more blemishes. So in terms of hygiene, you’re going to need to strike a balance between allowing your body’s natural oils to protect your skin, while also diligently washing at a regular and scheduled interval to ensure this oil isn’t becoming grease marred with bacteria and pollutants.

Trial and Error

For many people concerned with their skincare regime, life in the cosmetic aisle can feel like an overwhelming volley of information and products that all promise to clear our skin and help it glow and shine. We’ll forever be picking up the latest product, and testing it on our skin. While experimenting with different products is certainly a good idea, at some point, it’s important to settle on something in order to give your skin the chance to acclimatise. Find a product that you think works, and stick with it for a good few weeks – the results should continue to improve.

Visit Specialists

Meanwhile, to cut this trial and error sifting of products to a minimum, you might otherwise decide to visit skincare or dermatological specialists who’re extremely clued up when it comes to skincare products and cosmetic tricks to make the most of your unique skin. See these people almost as your personal fashion advisor, except they’re working not with your apparel, but with your skin. Lisa Rush is one such provider of this service – someone who’ll direct you to the best skincare regime to move forward with.


It’s amazing how important make-up is for your skin’s health. Or, rather, how make-up can be the direct cause of poor skin health. You should know by now that leaving make-up on after a night out can be very damaging for your skin and that some cheaper make-up ranges are more damaging for your skin than others. It’s another case of trial and error, but it’s also about being sensible with what you layer onto your skin. Give your skin some time to breathe without cosmetic additions on occasion in order to reset it to its basic glow.

Skincare is a complex journey – but one that you can complete without frustration if you take care to follow the above advice.


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