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There is a reason we all live in fear that there is food stuck in our teeth. Or lipstick all over our teeth. Each of us hold a sensitivity when it comes to our teeth and the state that they are in. Speaking personally, I think that the colour of my teeth tell the world about my state of hygiene and care. So, when you find that your teeth have changed colour considerably over the years, it’s reasonable that you want to stop and even reverse these effects. Find out the ins-and-outs of why this happens, what you can do, and how to stop it for future.

How can you fix it?

Alright, let’s head straight to the solution and put your mind to rest. Yes, there are ways to fix your discoloured teeth. Many of Australians have started to use teeth whitening kits as they have quick results and compared to other more invasive procedures, they are very affordable. It is also incredibly easy to use. When you have received your teeth whitening kit, you will get a plastic mouth guard which is attached to a light. You simply fill the mouth guard with specially formulated whitening gel and fix it around your teeth. Unlike those dentist appointments, you can do your daily chores, study, or watch TV while you teeth become whiter by up to 12 shades.

Why do our teeth change colour?

But why me? How has this teeth discolouration happened? Well it’s pretty simple, and happens over a period of time. Your teeth are coated in a protective enamel which grows thinner over time from hard brushing. Underneath the enamel is the yellow dentin, which becomes more prominent once the enamel has eroded away. Disease is another cause of discoloration, which affect not only the enamel but the dentin underneath. The food and drink you consume also contribute to the discolouration of your teeth. Most of us know the harm that coffee and smoking has on your teeth, but you may be surprised to know that soda and juice are just as damaging, if not more.

How can you stop it from happening?

Outside of having your teeth whitened, there is no way to reverse what has already happened. But you can put these changes into play to reduce it from happening further. One of the key things to do is drink through a straw. Soda, juice, coffee and tea - all through a straw. This may be an adjustment at first, but your teeth will thank you. It is also critical that you brush, floss and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash daily. This will give a thorough clean day to day. You should also never skip your professional clean with your dentist. This is where they take a detailed look and get into all those spots that your toothbrush cannot.

Is it bad to have darker teeth?

So your teeth are discoloured and slightly yellow, but does this mean they are unhealthy? No. Having yellow teeth is not a bad thing. The strongest teeth are natural and healthy, and this does not mean they have to be white. The enamel is a blue and white colour, so just because that erodes away to leave your dentin teeth that are yellow - they can still be in great healthy condition. Ideally we all want white teeth, for cosmetic reasons. So work hard to whiten your teeth, but work harder on keeping your teeth healthy and in great shape.


There are so many teeth whitening schemes out there. It can be hard to work out what actually works. A teeth whitening kit is a great place to start, as they work progressively to get your teeth up to 12 shades whiter. Also mitigate the things that will discolour your teeth faster, and remember that you only have one set of teeth!


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