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When it comes to a healthy and confident self-image, there is no such thing as being too young or too old to want to boost the way that you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. Women of all ages find themselves wanting to enhance their natural contours, quite often with breast surgery. Whether a breast augmentation, a lift or a reduction, many women find that breast surgery can help to change their lives in many great ways.

Age does come into consideration when women are wondering if this is something that is going to be worth the time and investment for them. How young is too young? How old is too old?


How young is too young for breast augmentation surgery?


Generally speaking, it is best to consider breast enhancement surgeries when you are a minimum of 18 years old. Most cosmetic surgeons will not perform augmentation surgeries on patients until they have fully matured. The only exceptions would be in situations where breast tissue has not formed correctly, or the breasts simply haven’t grown.

It’s also suggested that women wait until after they have children, as their breast shape can alter during pregnancy and after breastfeeding. Another concern is that women who are younger have different ideas as to what they think their ideal body shape is. Their desired shape and size may change as the years go on. Younger patients who have lost a significant amount of weight may find that their breasts are somewhat deflated and sagging. In these types of cases, it’s advisable to seek out the Sydney top surgery for breast augmentation and lift procedures. Expert hands and experience will provide the best in results.


How old is too old for breast augmentation surgery?


There’s no such thing as being too old to want to look and feel your best. Any patient in good overall health may be qualified or breast augmentation surgery. Do you have any underlying medical conditions that could potentially prove troublesome during or after your surgery?

If you have the medical all-clear from your doctor, then there’s no reason that you couldn’t qualify for breast surgery.

One concern to keep in mind is that larger breasts can have an impact on the health of your neck, shoulders and posture. If you are considering an augmentation and lift, be mindful of the implant size that you select.


What happens during an augmentation and lift?


The augmentation and lift are actually two breast procedures combined into one surgery. This allows cosmetic surgeons to get the results that patients are looking to achieve, with just one well-done surgery.

Patients will select the size of their implant prior to surgery. Whether saline or silicone, patients will be able to select the size that will give them the best symmetry. During the procedure the breast tissue is lifted prior to the implant being placed. Some excess skin may be removed if there is a fair amount of sagging in the breast tissue. This is often seen when women lose breast tissue as a result of extreme weight loss or after multiple pregnancies. The implant will then have a firm spot to be placed and will not gradually slide down on the chest of the patient.


With an understanding of the procedures, and being in great physical health, there is no wrong age for physically matured women to consider any breast augmentation surgery.


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