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Is your home exterior covered in stains and discolorations? Over time, exterior paint is no longer capable of withstanding the exposure to weather elements, which leads to an unsightly exterior look of homes.

A home improvement project is what your house needs when showing signs of fading and discoloration. Hiring professional painters is the safest way to get the job done instead of trying to paint the exterior yourself. There is a variety of painting contractors in Bellevue, such as, providing creative painting solutions.

In case you’re looking for such a contractor, the tips below will help you find the best one in the state of Washington.

Research local companies

The search for an exterior painting contractor can be demanding, as homeowners in Bellevue are recommended to check various sources when looking for local candidates. The best place to start is checking the referrals provided by your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Just because the exterior look of your friend’s house turned out well, it doesn’t mean you should hire the contractor without conducting any research.

Once you’ve finished checking the referrals, move on to the local website of the Better Business Bureau. The mission of this organization is to help consumers by recommending trusted brands and businesses, as well as settle disputes between customers and service providers. The information provided by the BBB is vital in evaluating the reputation of local painting companies.

Get several estimates

After compiling a list of several prospecting painting companies, make sure to request estimates from each contractor so as to compare market prices. These estimates are supposed to contain the approximate sum of the project, based on a multitude of factors such as the type of paint, number of coats, wall texture and condition, square footage, and labor costs.

In addition, paints of high quality increase the cost of the project, as they cost substantially more than low-end colorants. Click here to learn why using high-quality paint is always a wise decision. Also, walls in a damaged condition would cost more to get painted, as these would need repair prior to applying the first coat of paint.

Moreover, the square footage of a house exterior is the most crucial factor affecting the project cost. The larger the footage, the costlier the project. The majority of exterior painters charge a particular amount of money per square foot, while others have an hourly rate. Make sure you hire professionals who use the former payment method in order to avoid surprises. Exterior painters charging by the hour won’t give you a precise estimate, as they cannot calculate the exact number of hours spent working on the project.

Ask the right questions during the interviews

The following step of the decision-making journey is scheduling interviews with the exterior painters whose estimates you found the most convenient. Interviews are indispensable for homeowners to gain insight into the work, experience, and professionalism of painting contractors. Only by asking the right questions, one will determine whether the professionals are worth hiring.

For instance, make sure you inquire about the number of rooms painted by the contractor on an annual basis, as well as about the brands of paints they use in the painting process. Also, remember to discuss the project timeline and communication method, as these are essential for good collaboration.

After getting familiar with the main aspects of the project, don’t stop asking questions related to other important details concerning their job. For example, inquire about the preparation of the home exterior, as well as the measures taken to protect homeowners’ health from paint exposure. Reputable painters ensure the surface is sanded and repaired prior to applying paint in order for the surface to be smooth, not uneven.

Another thing to inquire about is whether the painters use labeled paint cans. It’s paramount for the cans to be labeled in order for homeowners to be sure painters use the brand of paint they chose instead of a low-end brand. Keep in mind that low-quality paint fades quickly, lasts shortly, and causes mold.

During the interviews, it’s of absolute importance for homeowners to be clear about the project instructions. Your instructions are supposed to be extremely thorough in order for the paintwork to be completed successfully. Also, coming unannounced in the course of their working hours to check their progress will help you find out if they bill for their work properly. It often happens for unsupervised workers to spend their time snacking or making conversation without getting any work done.

Check references

The ultimate thing to ask for at the interviews with local painting contractors in Bellevue is the references. Established contractors are expected to provide numerous references from homeowners they’ve collaborated with in the past. After being provided with a reference list of at least ten clients, try contacting a couple of them to learn as much as possible from different experiences.

Unlike the referrals of your friends and relatives, these references are more trustworthy. You’ll be provided with valuable information from real clients, ready to respond to each of your questions in detail. Some of them might even invite you to have a look at their home exterior to get a better idea of the paintwork by the contractors.

Final word

Your home exterior is responsible for leaving a good first impression.

Make sure it looks impeccable!


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