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Homeowners need to be extra observant to ensure the safety of their property, as well as those at home. Knowing common electrical emergencies is one place to start. With this information, anybody can watch for signs indicating an issue with the building’s electrical system.

Frequent Electrical Issues in Residential Buildings

With the growing number of electrical devices and appliances in homes, extra precautions are needed to reduce the risk of electrical hazards. Here are some common electrical issues homeowners experience:

Broken Light Switch

Light switches play a vital part in any lighting system. However, it could pose a threat if not regularly maintained. A warm light switch, flickering lights and buzzing noises are indicators to call a trusted local emergency electrician. Several factors may be behind this issue, including a broken toggle or dimmer, wiring issues and malfunctioning light bulbs.

Malfunctioning Hot Water System

Hot water systems also need the expertise of an emergency electrician, especially in homes dependent on an electric water heater. Our emergency call out electricians are experts in repairing hot water systems with a tripped circuit breaker, defective off-peak relay switch or faulty wiring.

Frayed Surge Protectors

Surge protectors help expand the lifespan of any appliance. They also guard the house against electrical fires caused by power surges. While lighting and turning on/off power-hungry appliances are common reasons behind these surges, it is best to have protection on appliances. These devices installed around the house can safeguard the property against other factors behind power surges.

EV Charger Issues

More and more homes are investing in (EV) electric vehicle charging installation stations. When homeowners in the Sydney suburbs need an expert, we are the “emergency electrician near me” who can help. Our team can help ensure that the electrical switchboard can handle power demand from any EV charger. We also make sure that the building has the right cabling solution capable of handling power demand from the charging station. Our call out electricians also install much-needed safety devices, like RCD switches, to prevent complications.

Blown Switchboard

Homes with old and outdated electrical switchboards are prone to experiencing blown switchboards. These electrical switchboards are no longer capable of handling modern electricity demands, thus frequent episodes of malfunctioning. When this happens at home, it is best to reach out to a trusted urgent electrician. Our Sydney emergency electricians are also certified Level 2 ASP Electricians. This qualification allows them to work on equipment directly connected to the main electrical grid. We are experts not only in repairing electrical switchboards, but also upgrading them to the 3 Phase Switchboard.

The Final Verdict?

If you have one of these electrical issues in Sydney, then we highly recommend contacting a Sydney emergency electrician. Here at The Local Electrician, each of our technicians holds an NSW electrical license and insurance, as mandated by NSW Fair Trading. We are also committed to delivering only the best electrical service to anyone, anytime and anywhere across the Sydney suburbs!


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