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There is nothing more inviting than the smell of a freshly spring-cleaned apartment, venue, or even office space, and while deep and regular cleaning is a luxury many of us take for granted or practice without giving it a second thought, for those with disabilities this does not come as easy.

More often than not many people who are either mentally or physically challenged need constant hands-on support, and this ranges from assisting with everyday tasks such as household cleaning to more demanding needs such as health care which should always be practiced by a healthcare professional.

Thankfully, with an ever-increasing rise in support from the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and a growing demand for more inclusive and accessible properties, home and property owners can now make the most of these services and have their properties thoroughly cleaned with the help of the NDIS.

No one should live in a less than hygienically clean space, and with professional cleaning services and more so professional Carpet Cleaners (because carpets are where the majority of dirt hides) at the forefront of change ready to step in and help, this could one day hopefully be a thing of the past.

The importance of living in and maintaining a clean space is essential for health, but professional cleaning services bring so much more to the table and could be just the solution you have been looking for to help. Let’s see why an NDIS-supported cleaning service can be a transformative change to giving you or your tenants a significantly improved quality of life.

The sheen behind the clean

When we think of a spring clean or we have dedicated ourselves to cleaning the house from top to bottom on the weekend we immediately think of citrus-smelling detergents, wood stain aromas wafting around the home, and you more than likely have good music on in the background to keep you energized and motivated. There are a whole host of positives that come with professional cleaning services, we have curated the top reasons why property owners are opting for these services, and with the help of the NDIS, these services are becoming a more common occurrence to people in need.

Time-efficient – It is no secret that life, in general, is busy enough without having to somehow maintain a clean home environment, but if you have a disability or need care assistance it can be even trickier. By hiring a professional company you not only save yourself ample time, but it allows you to take yourself out for the day, get some fresh air, and come home to a forest-scented, professionally cleaned home completed in half the time.

Quality – Industry experts not only have the experience and know-how of how best to efficiently and effectively clean a space, but they have the right tools for the job to get it done right the first time around. Industrial equipment gets to the nitty grit of the dirt and you can certainly feel the quality of the clean when you return home.

Customized healthy living – Sticking to a cleaning routine starts well and then suddenly you find yourself putting it off till next week, this quickly snowballs and before you know it you are a month behind schedule and in over your head. With a customized cleaning schedule in place you can have peace of mind that no matter what your plans are, you have a team of professionals that will come to clean. Your home will be cleaner, and fresher, and you will enjoy a healthier lifestyle that is germ and dust-free, and with significantly less stress. Win-win.

Cost-effective – Cleaning chemicals and cloths or equipment can be expensive, especially if you aren’t fully aware of what you should be using for a particular surface, this could mean you end up buying additional products with the others left to waste in the cleaning cupboard. By hiring professionals who have exactly what is needed to clean certain areas, you save so much money and you don’t have wasted products just sitting and left to expire. 

Cleaning, NDIS, and everything squeaky clean

Cleaning is a natural part of life no matter if you are able-bodied or not, but knowing that supportive and professional cleaning services like the NDIS with its assisted cleaning service options are breaking into the market, there is a brighter future ahead.

A clean home or living space, and even a work environment, is not only for hygienic purposes but for mental and emotional encouragement too. Smelling a fresh aroma of citrus as you open the door makes you feel great, it can motivate work product performance, and put everyone in a good mood. And what better way to live life than in a good mood, right?


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