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Common Household Electrical Problems

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Ever had a rough day just because you had an electrical problem at your residential property? 

Imagine a fine morning, when you are ready to seize the day but can’t get a hot shower due to an unknown problem with your hot water system. When you think it's over and head to make yourself a cup of coffee, you find that your coffee maker, as well as all other electrical appliances, are also not working due to issues with your electrical wiring. All this sounds uncomfortable, right? 

Well, without a reliable residential electrician near you, such sticky situations can disrupt your entire routine. In this article, we will highlight six common household electrical problems like the above that should never be neglected to prevent serious electrical emergencies. Keep reading to learn about the most common electrical issues and how an electrician in Perth can save the day. 

6 Common Electrical Problems in Perth Homes 

Power Dips and Sags

With most residential homes in Perth relying on electrical appliances for regular household duties, it is not surprising that power dips and sags can sometimes happen. This electrical problem primarily occurs if your electrical appliance is faulty or outdated. 

Generally, appliances that draw a lot of power when in use are a red flag. A residential electrician should be able to assess all such appliances, conduct repairs and advise you on what you need to replace to prevent future occurrences. 

Light Fitting Installation

Frankly, it's hard to have a relaxing moment at home when all the lights are too dim, too bright or flickering every now and then. While it's easy to assume the cause could be using bulbs with the wrong voltage, it’s nowhere close to that. 

If your lights have an electrical problem, the dimness or excessive brightness will persist even when you replace bulbs. Also, if you are lucky and your lights work just fine once you replace them, they will burn out quickly. When this is the case, you will need a professional electrician to tackle the issue swiftly and restore the normal lighting in your home.

Hot Water System Failures 

Hot water system failures are usually a result of damaged parts within the system, a faulty thermostat, residue build-up or when your needs are exceeding your hot water supplies. If you don't schedule hot water repairs Perth, you might have to deal with cold showers, excessively hot water, and high utility bills. To make sure you don’t have to bear any of these, consult with a reliable electrician near you, as they can help you keep your hot water system in good shape and save you from sky-high energy expenses.  

Faulty Switches or Outlets 

Faulty switches and overheated outlets can be the culprit for causing sparking, or worse, starting an electrical fire. Now, are you wondering how to detect such problematic electrical outlets? 

Well, if you have a faulty switch, it will not work properly or make a strange electrical sound. The issue could be in the wiring or the circuits. For the outlets, they will excessively be warm, and you may also notice some discolouration and melted plastic. In such cases, you should call your most trusted electrician in Perth ASAP, as this can result in a fire outbreak or an unexpected power outage. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you refrain from using the faulty power outlet before the electrician arrives!

Faulty Smoke Alarms

Picture this - you are baking a delicious strawberry cake for your little ones. You place the cake in the oven and head to catch up with your favourite show. When it's time to take out the cake from the oven, you find smoke filling up your kitchen space! What’s unfortunate here is your smoke alarm didn't alert you, and it could have led to fatal consequences. 

A skilled electrician in Perth can help you with professional smoke alarm installation and repair services. They know the importance of your home’s fire detection system, and thus, they install the best-quality smoke alarms that efficiently meet building code standards and buzz on time in case of a fire emergency. 

Mild Electrical Shock

Mild electric shock serves as a wake-up call to getting your electrical systems inspected. 

People generally experience a non-fatal electric shock from a household appliance with damaged or faulty wiring. If you experience this, switch off your main switch and call your residential electrician immediately - they will assess the condition of your malfunctioning electric systems and fix the issues to prevent an electric accident. 

Wrapping Up

Watch out for these 6 common electrical problems in your home, and say goodbye to such issues by calling a reputable electrician in Perth. No matter if it is electric oven repair, flickering lights, exhaust fan repair or something else, just trust professionals to offer the best residential electrical solutions for your unique needs.


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