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Some people fantasise about working from the comfort of their own home. Whilst for others, it can set off alarm bells and a sense of dread. 

Whether you’re working from home situation is temporary or permanent, it's normal for anyone to take time to adjust to their new surroundings and adapt to the lack of colleagues walking around.

With more businesses offering employees the opportunity to work from home, what’s the real future of remote work that we can look forward to?

Essentially, it depends on your mindset and how you set up your workspace. Let us show you how to stay on top of your work when working remotely. For states in Australia, you can obtain a police check online, such as in Queensland a Police Check QLD.


Benefits of working from home

A top benefit of working from home means that you can automatically remove commuting time from your day and have a more flexible schedule to do things at your own pace. Working from your home office also gives you the benefit of customising your environment, as well as limiting distractions that can often come with office life.


Tips for working from home effectively

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. It’s important to limit your overtime and stick to your usual working hours to help provide some balance between your work and personal life. A good way to make sure you follow this is by making a daily planner and plan out your work schedule for the day. Make sure to take regular breaks and include some form of stretching and exercise to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing.

Location is key and ideally, you should sperate your private life and work life. If possible, set up your home office outside of your bedroom, with a good amount of natural light and limited distractions.


Home office setup

Setting up a comfortable workstation is a good way to make sure you’re working efficiently. Firstly, if possible, make sure you have access to a good amount of natural and additional lighting in your workspace.

Consider the comfort and functionality of your furniture. You’ll be working in this space every day so its important you have the right support and set up. Depending on the amount of space available and budget you have, consider an ergonomic chair and a large desk. Finally, identify what other office items you will need to get your work done, perhaps an additional monitor screen, filing cabinet or printer?


Protect your home office equipment essentials

Along with the benefits of working from home, comes the risk of security issues with your equipment and data. To protect sensitive corporate data when working from home, don’t forget to secure your internet. You can easily secure your internet connection and home network by yourself with the guidance from Stay Smart Online

In addition to protecting data, physical security for a home office is essential. Make sure your office desk is cleared after work and sensitive paper documents are placed in locked cabinets. If possible, try to avoid having your office setup where outsiders can look in. Keep the house safe and stay one step ahead of potential criminals by putting sufficient security measures in place. It’s a good idea to check your insurance policy in case something was to ever happen. 



Any change takes time to get used to, and everyone's specific work situation and team dynamics are different. Make sure to constantly review your set up and to adjust as needed.


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