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What You Need to Know About the Electrical Certificate of Compliance

From rewiring a house to working on switchboards and everything in between, most electrical installation and maintenance jobs are best left to the professionals. Not only is the work itself potentially hazardous, but electrical jobs that fail to comply with Australia and New Zealand standards may be dangerous for clients as well.

In order to create safer environments, all electricians who complete work in Australia and New Zealand must provide an electrical certificate of compliance.

What is an electrical certificate of compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work, also known as a CCEW, is a legal document that ensures tradesmen comply with relevant industry safety and quality standards. These certificates help verify that electricians completed work according to NSW Service and Installation rules, Australia/New Zealand Wiring rules, and minimum safety and quality requirements.

Electricians fill out a CCEW upon completion of electrical work, after which they distribute the forms to the customer, Fair Trading NSW, or the electricity distributor depending on the scope of the project. CCEWs should include information such as:

  • * Name and licence number of the electrician or electric company

  • * The details of the job

  • * Customer’s name and address

  • * The details of any equipment the electrician used

  • * Information on any testing

When is an electrical certificate of compliance required?

An electrical certificate of compliance is necessary whenever an electrician completes any electrical installation or safety and compliance testing. Situations that require a CCEW include:

  • * Any electrical installation

  • * Alterations and additions to existing electrical installations

  • * Any work on a switchboard

  • * Standalone power system installation (for example, solar panels or wind turbines)

  • * Installation of an electricity meter

  • * Any alteration or replacement work

  • * Any wiring work

  • * Testing on electrical equipment

There may be other instances that require electrical certificates of compliance, so it is always important to contract with a professional team of electricians who can help you navigate your individual project.

How to get an electrical certificate of compliance

It is the responsibility of the tradesperson to complete a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work and distribute it to the relevant parties. You can do this by accessing an NSW Fair Trading-approved online template, completing the necessary information, and then mailing it to customers, distributors, and NSW Fair Trading. You can also receive assistance from a legally accredited private certifier to ensure that your forms are in order.

If you are a customer or electrical distributor, your certified electrician should provide you with a CCEW within 7 days of completing any electrical work.

Potential penalties for not having a compliance certificate

The penalties for failing to provide a completed CCEW range from a $1,000 on-the-spot fine to as much as $550,000 if electrical work does not meet NSW standards.

It’s important to maintain records of your CCEW for at least 5 years. This will help you show that you have completed your electrical projects properly and according to industry standards.

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