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The temporary fence: you see it everywhere, but your eyes don’t notice it. It’s one of those things that you don’t really need to take notice of because it’s just sitting there getting the job done.

With this in mind, here are the top three applications for temporary fences.

  1. Construction

In Australia, you will see temporary fences at literally every construction site. But why? It’s simple, really: temporary fences are legally required at every new home build in the country. From the moment ground is broken to the moment the final finishes are completed, there has to be temporary fencing around the construction site. Whether you need fence hire in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or beyond, Australian law requires that temporary fencing contains any debris and mess produced during excavation, sites are protected from intrusion and that the general public is separate from possible dangers.

When checking the situation surrounding temporary fencing at your site, ensure it is included in your contract. If not, you should ask why, as temporary fencing is usually included in building contracts. If you are an owner builder, you are responsible for ensuring temporary fencing is up at the site. Since you are doing your business’s sourcing and paying, you might be wondering whether it’s better to hire or buy your temporary fencing. You may think that hiring is a good idea, but it typically comes with plenty of hidden fees and charges.

Companies that continue to re-hire temporary fencing often find the prices going way up over time. Instead, they could have just purchased a temporary fencing solution outright and had it whenever they started a new job. What’s more, you don’t have to keep paying as time goes on you as you already have the one solution you paid a fixed amount for!

  1. Pool installation

It is also an Australian legal requirement to have temporary fencing when building a new pool. This is especially so if the homeowners are residing at the property throughout construction. Even if it is a new home build and no one is living there, you need a temporary pool fence if the pool is unable to self-drain. Without self-draining technology, rain water can build up in the pool and create a health risk for whoever happens to fall in at whatever bizarre hour. Temporary pool fences differ from those in construction, so it is vitally important that you ensure you have the right solution before commencing work on pool construction.

  1. Crowd control

Temporary fencing is also the chosen solution for large crowd control needs. Events like music festivals, sporting events, expos and more benefit from temporary fencing as they can be easily set up at the location to suit the size and requirements of the event. They are effective for protecting pedestrians, area containment, directing traffic and control of crowd flow. If you want to use temporary fencing for crowd control, it is a good idea to use banner mesh signage or printed shade cloth - this way you can point attendees in the directions they need to go to get to the big event!

They are effective & versatile

As you can see, temporary fences have a great range of applications that make them perfect for safety. Whether constructing a new home, pool or conducting a little crowd control at a big event, temporary fences are the unsung heroes of safety, ensuring everyone at the job and the party are getting the job done or having a good time without being at risk of injury.


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