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Regardless of the industry, the size of the business or its established reputation, poor first impressions can ruin its chances of success. In a time when consumers have a wide range of choices as to how and with whom they do business with, sometimes a good first impression is all a business has to stand out from the crowd.

Attracting Consumers:

A good first impression can mean the difference between working on projects and looking for projects. You may think first impressions are reserved for face-to-face meetings, but in reality, many consumers form their first impression of your business through its website, advertisements or word-of-mouth.

Consumers want peace of mind before they part with their money, and will usually do some research in order to find a service that best fits their needs. This includes asking friends and family or making comparisons online, so they may have already gathered an impression of you before they’ve even met you or visited your business premises. A good first impression should not only convince them that you can do the job they’ve asked for; it also needs to counter any negative impressions they’ve been exposed to.

Differentiating from Competitors:

When it comes to doing business, consumers often have multiple options, even just within their local area. So it’s essential that they can differentiate your business from its competitors. One way to achieve this is with quality printed advertisements, such as business cards or brochures. The look and even the feel of these documents can leave lasting impressions on potential consumers. Businesses such as The Print Group deal specifically with printing and finishing needs, ensuring your advertisements leave a lasting impression.


A strong and positive business reputation starts with a good first impression, and is built and maintained throughout the entirety of a consumer’s experience. You continuously make first impressions through every stage of the project, from the initial meeting all the way through to the delivery of the final product or service. If a poor impression is made during any of these stages, your client may not utilise your services again.

Even if you are the best for the job, little can change a poor first impression, so it’s always important, for any business, to get off on the right foot.


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