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  • Written by Ester Adams

A businessman needs the best and most innovative tools to advance in the ever-evolving competitive market. Knowledge of real-time location and assets are critical for many business managers. Taking advantage of a data logger can leverage them in making crucial decisions.

If you are not sure what a data logger is, it is an electronic device that you can use to track, monitor, and record data on a machine or equipment it is attached to. This equipment is very versatile. You can deploy it under different conditions and record data for months and possibly years.

Most people have this connotation that data logging only involves collecting information about the status of something in the environment – temperature, humidity, or power and energy usage. It is a vague view of what data logging is.

How Can Businesses Use Data Loggers to Improve Efficiency?

First things first, to improve efficiency, a good network is required. Data loggers communicate and transmit data with the use of networks. If a data logger is connected to a faster network, less energy is used. It means that if you have a strong network, data loggers' connections will last longer.

This is useful for many businesses that need to measure data over a specified period. Here are some scenarios:

A business that offers a refrigerator could use a data logger to measure the refrigerators' accuracy and effectiveness over a particular time. This could tell you if the fridge will soon need a replacement. A data logger can also verify energy costs savings and determine the ROI of the new equipment without you physically being there.

In some cases, data loggers are also used in the construction industry for measuring things like vibrations, noise levels, and heat from the heavy machines. With data like this in your possession, you can keep track of machine runtimes to ensure productive operation. 

A data logger is also an intelligent and customisable tool that can help you optimise logistics. This tool can improve supply chain visibility in the transport sector with advanced IoT tracking. A data logger detects equipment that is moving through motion detectors.

Some companies utilise this tool to track the proper usage of equipment and machinery. A data logger attached to a piece of equipment minimises the risk of theft and even recovers stolen items.

The possibilities for this tool are endless. Most business owners like them because they are cost-efficient and shed more light on different ways to optimise their processes.

How Do You Use a Data Logger Anyway?

Data loggers are not complicated to install. All you need is a computer with a USB port for configuration and launch. You can use mobile devices as well. And a few hand tools to secure units in the right place.

1. Configure and launch. Activate the logger via computer.

2. Deploy the logger in a secure place. You can secure it as simple as using a magnet, screw, or lanyard and fastening it on a piece of equipment. Installation can be more complicated when dealing with multi-channel logging systems such as a weather station or industrial powers.

3. Access the data via your computer. When you are done attaching it on equipment, connect the data logger to the computer, and launch the software to read out the data.

4. Ready for processing, analysing, and retrieving data. Make sure you have installed the data logger's software completely. This is where you can compare and combine the data of the piece of a machine it is attached to. The measurements are commonly displayed in graphs. Also, you can export it on a spreadsheet for further understanding.

These are the simplest ways to install a data logger. It is still advisable to follow the prescribed installation handbook when you purchase one. Everything is indicated there, but in case you have more questions. You can always ask the service provider. They are more than willing and happy to help!

Author Bio: Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry.  She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.


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