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zFORTTM technology is the new talk of every major town in the world. Experts have touted it as a game-changer, which will redefine the eyeglass industry and market with a high-quality shield against blue light emission. As the 21st-century urban environment is challenged by hi-tech digital devices and their display screens, the remarkable rise of blue light blockers seemed to have been quite credible.

What is zFORTTM technology blue light blocking glass?

zFORTTM technology is an advanced protective solution against blue light emission, which has a short wavelength but high frequency. In layman’s language, blue light is a common spectrum of colour visible in the light spectrum having wavelengths of 450-495 nm. The high-frequency provides it with very high energy radiation that can cause moderate damage to the human eyes.

zFORTTM powered blue light blocking glasses work rigidly to limit the flow of shorter-wavelength radiation that usually scatters away from the source. To understand the effect and solution of blue light emission, you should proceed reading this digital piece.

Sources of blue lights:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Computer/Laptop Screens
  3. Mobile Screens
  4. iPad or tablet screen
  5. LED lights
  6. Television

Effects of blue lights:

  1. Digital eye-strain
  2. Jagged vision after staring to blue lights emitting screen or light for long durations
  3. Fatigue, anxiety, and depression
  4. Insomnia or sleeplessness
  5. Inactiveness and bi-polar mental condition
  6. Frequent headaches

Protection against blue lights emission:

  1. Using dim red lights or lights with low frequency at night time to avoid suppression of melatonin
  2. Avoid heavy usage of digital screens or Television before going to bed
  3. Avoid working in front of computers without adequate illumination or lights
  4. Take regular breaks to relax your eyes and prevent digital eye-strain
  5. Get exposed to sunlight for some time to boost activeness and reduce depression and mood swings

How to buy blue light blocking glasses online?

zFORTTM powered glasses are made for all and it negates the requirement of prescription as it is an all-weather, all-glass friendly technology made to serve mostly IT professionals, online/offline gamers, and other heavy computer users or TV viewers.

Buying zFORTTM technology blue light blocking glasses is quite easy and Vision Direct, the online eyeglass retailer cum inventor has championed it for easy accessibility to the cutting-edge defensive technology against unfavorable blue light emission. 

Buying zFORTTM glasses involve a 3-step procedure, which is as follows –

  1. Choose your favorite eyeglasses frame you like
  2. In  this step, add the feature zFORTTM blue light block while checking out of the cart
  3. Provide the checkout details to proceed and finish.

Your favorite new glass with zFORTTM power will arrive at your doorstep within a few business days.

Top 5 trending blue light blocking glasses with zFORT
TM technology

  1. Tom Ford FT5627-B 001: The high-performance pilot glass from Tom Ford is upbeat with pantographed plastic frames, which are available in shiny black and dark Havana color. 
  2. Arise Collective Kochi 013: Fully flexible hypoallergenic acetate-framed Kochi series is known for its lightweight performance, anti-glare and scratch-resistance solution and is available only in Dark Tortoise color.
  3. Gunnar RPG Razer RZR-30001: Metal body and plastic amber-colored lenses equip the Gunnar Razer with exemplary quality and style to suit both men and women. With free shipping and a 100-day return policy, Razer is a top bet for many eyeglass enthusiasts.
  4. Stoggles Round 04: With lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate frames, Stoggles model came up with 3 gorgeous colors (clear, transparent grey, and blue) to offer not only zFORTTM blue light blocking solution but also anti-fog and UV protection.

SmartBuy Collection
Bailey 665: Made for Asian face structures, the SmartBuy Collection Bailey collection offers the most affordable blue light blocking solution with robust metallic frames to suit both genders.


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