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  • Written by Anna Melnikova

Try to imagine a life without the internet and technology. Many of us cannot imagine how life would be without these two things. Technology has become such an important part of our lives that we just cannot do without it. The advent of technology has made our lives easier, safer, and more entertaining. Everything that we do today, whether it is online shopping, free online pokies Australia, online communication, technology, stands at the forefront. In this article, we explore in detail the way digital technologies have transformed our lives.

Technology has a massive impact on every aspect of society. From entertainment, communication to travel and healthcare, every corner of society is significantly affected by technology. Let’s understand in detail how technology has influenced various verticals of our society.

The Way We Communicate

Before the emergence of communication technology, face-to-face interaction was considered the most effective form of communication. But the invention of the telephone changed the whole game. The invention made it possible for people to talk to each other without having to be in the same location. The best part was the communication was real-time, so there was more personal connection. And with every passing year, there was a new invention in the communication realm. From telephone, telegram, email to instant messaging and now digital chatting, we have come a long way. And with each invention, humans grew closer to each other by eliminating the physical boundaries.

The Way We Entertain Ourselves

Earlier our means of entertainment was playing out with friends, going for a play or watching a circus. Then came the cinema and people had a new way of entertaining themselves. Subsequently, after the invention of TV, entertainment came to the home instead. The massive penetration of the internet and the growth of technology allowed us to access online entertainment.

Whether it is multi-player gaming or video streaming, or online casino in Australia, people relied more on digital media to entertain themselves. Today there are thousands of online content keeping people glued to the screen for hours. Netflix, AmazonPrime Video, YouTube, Spotify, etc., are some of the platforms that are brimmed with entertaining content.

The Way We Travel

Gone are the days when people had to spend days and months traveling long distances. But the advent of technology changed everything. The growth of technology has contributed to massive growth in the automobile industry. In present times, you can travel seven seas in a day, thanks to airplanes. The transformation has not merely been in the travel medium but also in the way we travel. The access to GPS on the smartphone allows you to travel to an unknown destination without having to rely on anyone.

It is basically a map that shows you the route of the place where you want to go. If you are traveling by train, you are provided with air-conditioning and charging facilities so that you are comfortable and connected to the world. Moreover, in planes, you have entertainment monitors in front of your seats so you can watch something while you are up in the air. Comfort is present in every aspect of modern travel.

The Way We Socialize

We are social creatures with a constant need to interact with other humans. There was a time when socializing was all about taking time out and meeting your friends and family once in a while and having a one-on-one conversation. While face-to-face interaction is great, not everyone has that kind of time to meet each other on a regular basis. But with social media, we are all connected with each other under a huge web that has completely eliminated the physical boundaries.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are platforms where we are constantly getting updates on how our family and friends are doing. No matter where they are, you can connect with your loved ones with just one touch. Likes, shares, and comments have bound us all together in a big social community.

The Way We Access Information

Do you remember the time when you had to do research for a project, and you had to travel to the library? Or a time when the only source of information was newspaper or radio. So you got the news that the media houses wanted you to know; instead of the reality. But digital technology has made it easier for people to access information. Owing to search engines like Google, data from all around the world is accessible in one place. Just type in what you need to know about, and you will have tons of results providing you with valuable data.

So when the library is present on your smartphone, there is no need to take the trouble of going to the library. Every second, a new piece of information is updated on Google, so you do not have to wait till the next day or access television to see the news. Simply search on Google, and you will have the latest news at your fingertips.

Businesses Dependency On Digital Technology

Since every hand today accessorizes smartphones, companies need to have an online presence to be visible. More than half of the population look online for product suggestions before shopping. So if their product does not appear on the top suggestion, they are losing customers. Internally as well, companies have become excessively reliant on the technologies. Irrespective of the operational nature, every organization has integrated various systems that carry out different functions. The growth of technology has enabled companies to automate repetitive, manual tasks. This allows companies to focus on innovation and improvements.

Finding a Commonplace

s important as digital technologies are for us, we need to find a balance between relying on technology and becoming addicted to it. Similar to everything else, excess of anything can be harmful and the same goes for technology as well. This control is especially important on a personal level as it can impact your overall well-being. Here are some signs that suggest you are being too dependent on technology and need to stop:

  • * You cannot do anything without the internet

  • * Instead of living the moment, you are always recording it

  • * You spend hours online without any track of time

  • * You are using a calculator for even simple calculations

  • * You get anxious when there is no internet

  • * You always need your phone with you

  • * You are not going out enough

These are some important signs that you should not overlook. And if you happen to do these things, make sure to take a step back and go offline for a while.


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