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Blockchain technology features real-time access of the information in a network, transparent and secure transactions and many more. In addition, the technology is suitable for organizations or businesses that prioritize cost reduction. As a result, blockchain continues to impact a variety of sectors., the world’s first IP marketplace is one of the developments that use the Blockchain's technology; a public shared digital ledger, to unite industry participants and streamlines design, sales and production processes. Blockchain proves its potential to be used in a variety of applications that are already influencing and changing how business is done. Here's a list of applications of the blockchain in 2021. Let's get started

Payment processing and money transfer

Blockchain is credited for being a quick and reliable means of making payments and money transfers from one party to another, provided all conditions have been met. The technology has gained popularity across financial companies for its ability to save them money and time. In addition, blockchain proves its superiority over bureaucratic red tape and the ability to eliminate third-party fees. As a result, large financial institutions or banks can save close to $8-$12 billion a year.

Supply Chains Monitoring

A supply chain is a sophisticated process that requires to be monitored constantly. This is because it requires a lot of communication on product replenishment cycles. But with blockchain, enterprises can spot inefficiencies within their supply chains and have the ability to detect items in real-time.

In addition, blockchain provides enterprises and consumers with the ability to track products from their point of origin till they reach the retailer. DHL is one of the logistics & supply chain companies at the forefront in using blockchain-backed logistics to keep a digital ledger of shipments and uphold the integrity of transactions.

Royalty and Copyright protection

In a world of growing internet access, copyright and royalty protection on music continues to be an issue. Fortunately, blockchain can reinforce those copyrights and guarantee musicians or content creators a legitimate share from their digital content downloads. Mediachain is one of the companies using decentralized and transparent contracts to ensure musicians get the money they deserve.

Sharing of Data

Blockchain provides a marketplace for sharing or selling unused data. This data can be used by different enterprises to enhance their core activities. Therefore, blockchain acts as a storage system of data and unlike cloud storage systems, blockchain is not susceptible to hackers.

Transfer of Real Estate

Sell or transfer of the real estate, land and auto title has never been easier than before, thanks to blockchain. Blockchain provides an easier process of storing titles on its network which are transparent and exhibit a clear picture of legal ownership. Therefore, you can use blockchain to transfer ownership to a buyer without the use of paper trails.


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