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  • Written by Candice Meisels

Parents are no longer housebound and can enjoy an active social life- thanks to an Aussie Mum!

We have all heard it right? Having a baby changes your life? No more going out for coffees, dinner dates, socialising or relaxing holidays?
An Australian Mum has created a product that allows parents to still 'have a life', get out of the house and participate in an active, healthy social life. 

Emma Lovell, created CoziGo, the award winning sleep cover that helps baby to sleep anywhere.

"Flying had not been on the top of my list of things to do and I was terrified what would happen on the plane… and quite rightly so. Aimee’s well established sleep routine was so important and the poor little thing was awake for almost the duration of the 24 hour flight. The in-flight bassinet I had was right below a TV screen, to the left of the EXIT sign and Toilet lights... There was just WAY too much going on!" "During that 5 week trip, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer and had been given a year to live. I made the tough decision to relocate. This decision saw me fly from the UK to Australia four times in one year so that my husband could still see his baby girl. The flying experience never got any better." 

"I decided to bring something to the market that help parents worldwide travel with their babies more effectively."

Parents can get fresh air, go for walks on the beach or around their local park or shopping centre. Date night can still go ahead with relaxing dinners and a sleeping baby in tow. From airport transfers to everyday tasks such as stress free grocery shopping, CoziGo is helping Australian babies sleep on the go.

Cheryl Fingleson, The Sleep Coach, adds:
"As a sleep coach, I can’t stress enough the importance of routine for a baby. A regular, predictable sleep pattern is essential. It’s not practical to always be home for your babies sleep so CoziGo allows you to get on with life and still get great results for your baby’s sleep routine. It’s safe, breathable, protects from the sun and removes stimulation. I recommend CoziGo to all my clients."

CoziGo is also a saviour for travelling parents and passengers alike. CoziGo helps babies to sleep whilst in their in-flight bassinets. This means no glares from other passengers and a more peaceful flight for all on board. CoziGo also reduces exposure to in flight germs.

Jade Szonyi, an international flight attendant says:

"As a keen traveller, mum and an international Flight Attendant I’ve seen first-hand how CoziGo helps parents settle their babies quickly and effectively during their flight. Using CoziGo when you fly really is a game changer."

CoziGo (formally Fly Babee) is a multi-award winning Multi-Purpose Sleep & Sun Cover for all Strollers, Prams & Airline Bassinets. Its an essential item for getting out and about every day with your baby and a must-have for flying and travel! Fly Babee is 100% breathable, blocks 97% of light, can be opened up and used as a sun cover providing UVP of 50+ and is super compact and lightweight. Its fast becoming known as The Miracle Cover for mums that value their babies all-important sleep routine whilst maintaining a healthy outdoor lifestyle.
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