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In the world of fashion, rules are meant to be broken. There is nothing fixed when it comes to style as it always evolves. In today's generation, the middle-aged adults are already very familiar with streetwear. That's because streetwear was born around the time when Californian surf culture became a thing. That was 50 years ago. But streetwear only started to boom in the nineties. So naturally, the people who began rocking streetwear in the 90s are already in their late 30s to mid-40s. But see, the thing is, streetwear is more than just fashion, it's a lifestyle. So, these late 30s to mid-40s find themselves still adapting that streetwear lifestyle that they grew up with. But how do you rock streetwear in this age when it seems it is only appropriate for the younger generation? Here's a guide.

Always Go For Premium Fabric

Being older means, you should be able to afford clothes made of premium fabric. Whether it's hoodies, cargo pants or shorts, sweatpants or joggers, always go for softer materials like cashmere or jersey. Not only are they comfortable, but they last longer too. Aside from that, they add a touch of elegance to the casual-type clothes.

Don't Be A Hypebeast

You are an adult now. You do not need the validation of wearing hyped clothes. Leave it to the kids who think the hype is everything. Remember that streetwear is not just about hype or what's trendy today. At this age, you should already know what clothes you like and what works for you. As an adult, rocking streetwear works if you do not attract too much attention to what you are wearing. Plus, with grails, it is always best to be asked where it's from. Leave the loud fashion statements to the kids.

Invest In Kicks

Streetwear is nothing without kicks. Sneakers have single-handedly carried streetwear from the 90s to the next millennium. So it is only right to start your streetwear investment with great kicks. But again, you don't have to go the hypebeast route and order a couple of pairs of Jordans and Yeezys. Instead, go for regular sneakers that do not have odd shapes and designs.

Loose Is The Right Fit

As an older adult, you need to be a bit conservative with the fit. You can't go around wearing baggy clothes or go for something too tight either(definitely no skinny jeans). Go for a more relaxed and slightly loose fit like slim-fit or straight-leg pants. If you must wear jackets, go for cropped fit to balance the looseness of your pants.

Simplicity Is Beauty

When you get older, you will learn to value simple outfits. The same goes if you are into streetwear. You do not need to be flashy with your outfit. Learning how to mix and match outfits is also essential. Know what looks good with what and work with that. The beauty about streetwear is you can always create your style.

The great thing about streetwear is that you can rock it even thru middle-age. You need to learn how to do it. By following the five simple tips above, you can still love the clothes you grew up with without looking like you are lost in time. Just remember, keep it simple and classy.


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