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Shoes are fundamental accessories in any closet, with them we compliment our looks, I know many people who love shoes and usually have a good collection, but if we have to be realistic, many times we do not need so many or some of them We do not use them most of the time because they are uncomfortable, today I am going to give you some tips to buy shoes and succeed with our most appropriate pair of shoes.

Choosing a good shoe is essential for the health of our feet and many other physical problems. However, many times we prioritize aesthetics and leave aside their quality and functionality. In shoes, as in many other things in life, it happens that cheap, in the long run, is expensive.

The shoe contains many elements or parts and these, the better they are and the better made they are, the better the quality of the shoe. If you want to have a good shoe, you have to spend money.

Buying shoes online is one of the biggest fears of every buyer. No matter how many times we have made online purchases when it comes to footwear, we prefer to buy shoes by going to the store.

We are afraid of receiving something that is not what we want, but especially that it is not our size and at the same time, not being able to change or return them. The online shoes Australia sells are reliable, and all the customers are happy with their purchase.

The common problems in online shopping

Often people hesitate to buy shoes online. They have different fears.

That the product is not exactly the one you ordered

It will have happened to more than one that after looking at hundreds of pages of a product that interests us a lot, we decided to buy it. We look forward to the arrival of the product, and when we receive it, It is not what we imagined it would be.

The product is not the size we requested, and it is smaller or larger than what I said on the page, the color does not look anything like the one on the web, and we do not like it, and so on.

Return Policy

A very important factor that we must review on the online shopping pages is the policy of guarantees and returns since if we do not like the product purchased or do not meet the characteristics that we had been announced, we have to have the possibility of returning it without any problem.

If we make purchases in world-famous sites such as Amazon, we will have no problem getting our money refunded if we are not satisfied with the product. However, we may have problems in this regard on less-known sites.

The hidden charges

When we are looking for a product to buy online, the first thing we usually do is to look at the price of that product, since normally it cannot include other charges.

When making the purchase, we see that this product that had such a good price is suddenly worth much more. What happened? We look at the breakdown and see that they charge us a lot in shipping costs.

At this point, it is important to compare with other sites. Maybe in another store, the price of the product is higher, but the shipping costs are much cheaper and even free. What matters is the FINAL PRICE.


Due to the boom in Internet shopping, the number of stores and sites that are born with the sole purpose of scamming people is increasing. They usually attract attention with incredible offers and products at prices totally out of the market.

We must ensure that the page where we are going to buy is accredited. You must always buy from a well-known site.

Lack of customer assistance

Another problem we can find when shopping online is that many websites offer poor or no after-sales service.

We may have problems with the reception of the product (which has arrived in poor condition or does not arrive in the stipulated time), or with the characteristics of the product (that the product is not as we thought).

For that, we need online support where we can talk to an assistant as quickly as possible. Today, many online stores provide an email, but sometimes that is not enough. A live chat and a contact phone are practically mandatory.

At this point, we can re-use the opinions of other users. Spend a few minutes searching the Internet for what people say about the after-sales service of a page in question, can save us some occasional disgust.

If you are looking for true personal attention and good after-sales service, small business will always be the best option, if the site is good.

With its advantages and disadvantages, online shopping is a booming business with unstoppable growth expectations. The services are getting better, and the small problems we have just reviewed can be solved with relative ease.

It is a matter of buying wisely and reviewing all the points mentioned above before making any disbursement. Do not get carried away by incredible prices and miraculous offers, since sometimes they can have hidden "traps."

Tips for buying shoes online

A few tips will help you ease the problem of shopping for shoes online. If you want to take advantage of those online footwear deals that you always see, but that you prefer to avoid by not knowing how to buy without having a very bad time.

  1. Use well-known brands

When buying shoes online, it is best to choose a store that you already know. If you have bought in the physical store, you will know the quality they have, how many you are, and how durable they are.

If you still do not know the store, it will be better to investigate and seek opinions about your footwear, how easy or complicated the change and shipping costs can be.

  1. Calculate your size

The most important thing when buying shoes online is to know what your size is online, not the actual size.

Shoe sizes may vary depending on the brands and their country of manufacture, so you can be a larger or smaller number than you usually use, to find out which one to choose, check the size chart.

You can measure your foot and convert it to inches or to the extent that it uses the place where you will buy them to be a little more precise.

  1. Read the shoe description in detail

Knowing all the details of the shoes you plan to buy could give you an idea of ​​how they will be, that way, you will avoid getting disappointed.

Also in the specification of the shoe you want, they list details such as the heel number, what type of sole it has, the material it is made of, details that the model has, the care it requires, among other things that will help you know how they are.

  1. Compare in different online stores

Like when we buy in physical stores, it is important to compare in different online stores since in this way we can buy the footwear that best suits our budget, and that is what we are looking for. We may even be able to find a coupon or code on a site like Raise to use online and save even more money!

When comparing you will realize that in several stores you will find similar models, but with the difference that in some the price will be more accessible, perhaps a more resistant material or more variety of colors.

  1. Return Conditions

Perhaps the most important point to buy or not in that online store is that when you choose to buy shoes (or other items) online, carefully read the conditions of return of the store.

As a general rule, they all accept returns, but the problem arises when the return package has to be sent and paid for by you. That is why you must ensure policies, facilities and all shipping costs.

As an extra tip, when making an online purchase, a good option is to choose leather shoes because, with this type of material, you will seldom be wrong.

Most stores handle good quality (or synthetic) leather, but it does not hurt to read the details of the shoe carefully and make sure that if it is not what you expected you could return or change them.

  1. Check the shoes you already have

As happens when we go out to buy clothes, when we intend to go out and buy shoes before we have to stop and think about what kind of shoes we need to invest more, if it is in shoes to go to work or sports if we do some sport etc. and based on this see what we already have in our closet.

We will start by discarding footwear that is in poor condition and that it is no longer possible to repair it in a shoemaker, we will also discard those pairs of shoes that we do not wear because they hurt us.


Once we are clear on the type of shoe that we have to invest, we will keep in mind that if our budget is not very large, we have to buy those with which we can combine better with the clothes we have to create the different looks, in this case, I advise to go to the classic colors like black, brown and nude.

Also, within our budget, we will try to buy the highest quality footwear, let us think that apart from being more comfortable our feet will appreciate it.

Another detail to keep in mind is that if you are going to buy footwear that will help you to go to work, you should avoid sandals since the rule that the more foot teaches footwear is less appropriate for the work environment, therefore In these cases, we must opt ​​for a shoe that is closed.


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