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When medicine, tech, and beauty join forces, there’s no stopping the innovative solutions that are about to take the world by storm. In fact, this year will be one of the most innovative years when it comes to brilliant beauty solutions and it will give us a glimpse into the future, and everything we can expect from those great minds to come up with in the upcoming years. Right now, we are witnessing an extraordinary shift to modern methods of treating beauty issues.

Let’s remember that most of these issues are far from only aesthetic. Someone struggling with eczema doesn’t want their unsightly blemishes to disappear merely for their appearance, but for the discomfort they cause. The same goes for someone with misaligned teeth, or someone who wants to retain their beauty and makeup routine but minimize their negative impact on the environment. Without further ado, let’s see what this year and many years ahead of us have in store for us, beauty fanatics!

3D printing and beauty

We’ve all been there: we’re short on time, even shorter on skin-friendly kitchen ingredients, and we want to make our skin perk up and get a bit of that glow. So, what do we do? We head to the nearest beauty shop and look for a sheet mask that will give our skin that much-needed nourishment. However, we can now actually use a personalized, 3D-printed facial mask that treats your specific needs and fits your facial features perfectly.

Invented by Neutrogena, this treatment is known as MaskiD, and it relies on your phone images to pinpoint the features of your face and make sure that the mask fits, while you get to target specific issues with ingredients of your choice. Talk about refining beauty tricks for fast and very specific results!

Pampering your pearly whites

The time it took for a standard and very advanced dental surgery to give you an aligned, fully functional smile used to be measured in weeks, if not even months. From the moment you begin with preparations such as obtaining measurements, to the actual production of your specific implants, all the way to the weeks you’d need to fully recover from the procedure.

Today, we can actually opt for All-on-4 dental implants, a procedure that cuts the time to merely one to three days, and it also cuts the costs that would take to cover a more traditional, far more invasive approach. Getting fully-functional teeth and a beautiful smile in a matter of days is something many people dream of, and today it’s possible with the help of advanced procedures that increase the patient’s comfort more than ever.

Treat acne with micro-needles

Although this may sound like a treatment no sane individual would accept, let alone enjoy, this surprisingly simple and innovative solution packs quite a punch against acne and similar skin issues. Until now, we’ve mostly relied on products that have a wide range of side-effects such as drying your skin too much, or that cannot fit every skin type out there, leading to prolonged treatments and inability to target acne in particular.

This alternative and novel take on acne treatments is a brilliant solution that helps you pinpoint what you need to treat without having to use the product on your entire face. Patches contain microneedles that are thinner than a strand of hair, making them practically invisible and you will not feel any discomfort using them. They work best when combined with an acne-specific preparation such as a cleansing agent before you apply the patch to maximize their potential.

Back to basics – natural ingredients

This may seem like something that doesn’t really deserve the spotlight, but considering our growing awareness of our negative impact on the planet, it actually serves as a reflection of our changing mindset. Our consumeristic behavior has led to shops filling their shelves with hundreds of different beauty brands for years now – until we have finally reached the point of oversaturation and realized that they are pretty much based on the same, chemical stuff.

So, certain more innovative brands have searched for inspiration in Mother Nature, the most reliable source of healing ingredients we could ever have. Minimalism in the beauty industry has finally earned more interest, as more beauty enthusiasts have realized that the shorter and simpler the ingredient list – the better the product will be for their skin. Using biodegradable packaging and cruelty-free production serve as other ways of making a difference. This particular trend isn’t showing any signs of waning, so we can rest assured that more brands will take the natural route.


As technology advances even further and medicine discovers new skin-friendly solutions, we are bound to witness even more beauty ideas in the future. For the time being, we can reap the rewards of this incredible union by using the trends mentioned above and hope that we’ll top them even finer innovations in the years to come.


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