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Pregnancy is an incredibly special time for a woman. It marks the journey towards motherhood and creates a natural glow of youthfulness and freshness. Naturally, all mothers want to celebrate this particular time by looking at their best.

The first and foremost factor to consider while shopping for maternity clothes is your comfort. You need to feel comfortable in your clothes, as the slightest bit of discomfort tends to aggrandize during pregnancy. However, your priority for support doesn’t always have to cramp your style. Fortunately, the market is brimming with maternity brands and style-savvy offerings.

It is important to note that pregnancy is different for everyone, and every mother has her priorities for comfort. We strongly believe that maternity essentials tend to be different for each pregnant mom. For instance, some mothers prefer comfortable and stretchy maternity pants and leggings. However, others prefer flowy dresses and can’t bear the thought of wearing stretchy fabrics.

In this article, we will walk you through 7 factors to consider while shopping for your maternity clothes. These factors will guide you towards comfort and style, saving maternity-friendly ensembles. Let’s discuss below:

Seasonal Requirements

Before you head out shopping, create a timeline for the entire period of your pregnancy, up until the delivery date. It is essential to make sure your clothes will remain versatile and functional throughout your pregnancy term. What seasons should you be shopping for? Is it spring and summer, or winter and autumn? Be sure to keep your climate requirements and seasonal needs in mind before you splurge on that lovely maternity jacket.

Versatile Essentials

Whether you’re shopping for everyday clothes, or maternity clothing, versatility is always an essential factor to consider. Versatility teaches the art of investing in functional clothing items that can be paired with multiple outfits. For instance, plus size tights, loose maxi dresses, comfortable polyester skirts, and soft maternity tops.

Naturally, these essentials tend to vary for each woman, as we all have individual needs for necessary items. The focus here is to stock up on versatile essentials that offer greater functionality. Often, in pregnancy, women find themselves yearning for the same pair of comfortable tights or pants throughout the week.

Your Sense of Style

We strongly believe that uniqueness and exclusivity should not be compromised in the quest for comfort. Your sense of style should always be at the forefront of your clothing decisions. Luckily, today you can pick out all your favorite blouses and dresses in comfortable maternity versions. Whether you like sheath dresses or chic silk blouses. You can pick out maternity-friendly versions in all your favorite pieces and trends.

If you’re more comfortable in athleisure apparel, yoga pants, and sports bras, don’t force yourself to make a change. Pick out maternity versions of your preferred athleisure wear and other trends that you enjoy flaunting.

Think Energetic

Being pregnant comes with an abundance of joy and happiness. But it also accompanies unprecedented bouts of fatigue, exhaustion, and other tiresome symptoms. During your pregnancy term, surround yourself with outfits that make you feel active and energetic. It is why activewear is one of the significant trends in maternity clothing.

V-tops, comfortable sports bras, maternity tank tops, and yoga pants will keep you comfortable and energetic. You can alternate between your activewear apparel and dresses throughout the day. These activewear clothing items will help you stay comfortable and inspire you to exercise, walk, and perform beneficial yoga moves.

Your Social Calendar

Your social calendar for your pregnancy term will also have a detrimental influence on your clothing options. Do you plan on attending any parties, weddings or gatherings during these months? Will you be attending Holiday festivities with your friends and family? Most importantly, will you be working at an office throughout your pregnancy term?

Work out your social calendar for the next 11 months or so before you list down the clothing items you need. You may have to invest in some party wear and festive attire, alongside maternity-friendly office wear. It isn’t all about the comfort, you know. You need clothing items that are functional and supportive, alongside being appropriate for various dress codes.

Undergarments & Shapewear

Our hatred for tight bras and fancy underwear aggrandizes during pregnancy when everything seems burdensome and tiring. Choosing the right undergarments and shapewear, especially underwear, can be a tricky challenge. You need to focus on two aspects: adequate support and comfort.

We strongly urge you to prioritize soft and stretchy fabrics. Pick out non-wired bras that offer extra support. Also, be sure not to splurge on too many items at once. Your breasts are likely to increase in size, and you need to shop accordingly over time. Women who are 3-8 months pregnant should consider investing in flexible nursing bras with flexible wiring and soft fabrics.

Shop for your Body Size

Weight gain is natural and healthy during pregnancy, and this weight gain is different for every woman. For instance, some women only experience weight gain from the belly. And they do not have to face any significant size conundrums. However, women gain weight from their stomach, legs, ribcage, and hips have to make some drastic changes.

It is highly advisable to pick out flexible and stretchy materials that can accommodate the growth of your belly and hip bones. Keep in mind that your breasts will get bigger and tender, your ribcage will widen, and your ankles will get swollen. It is ideal to invest in clothing items as they are required as opposed to impulse buying and stocking up.


Pregnancy is a time for change and transformation. A mother’s body goes through a million variations to accommodate the growth of a tiny human inside her. It is a time to love and pamper yourself and prioritize your comfort above all. We strongly recommend you pick out clothing items that flatter your form without feeling the pressure to look presentable. Soft fabrics, stretchy materials, and supportive undergarments will be your best friends throughout the pregnancy term.


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