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The world is full of delicacies, unique foods and incredible dishes to enjoy. Fortunately, many of them are available in restaurants near us, but there is nothing comparable with tasting them in the country of their origin.

Today we have selected the 11 meals to try in a Chippendale restaurant before you call it a day. They are so many in number and all so equally spectacular, that the task was fairly complicated. This list of the 11 mouthwatering dishes to must-have in your bucket list was created after a thorough analysis. We might have missed out on many, but again, we did things the scientific way and followed the science behind tasty dishes to select these meals. Some of them you might not agree with, but as we said, we just followed the science. So, without further ado, let’s have a look into which dishes made our list.

The Mexican Mole

The term mole refers to a mixture of ingredients with which the sauce that bears its name is made: various peppers, cocoa, peanuts, tomatoes, nuts, raisins, chipotle, etc. There are as many moles as regions or families that prepare it. The best-known mole in Mexico is the poblano, considered by many to be the mole par excellence and specialty of the city of Puebla, but it is also in Xiqueño, almond, brown, cheese, stain tablecloths, among others. It is served with chicken and is used to accompany it with rice.

Indian Thali

Indian cuisine is easily one of the most charismatic in the world and brings great joy to everyone. Among all its elaborations, there is a dish that gathers many of them: the thali. Typical of the Kerala region, it is served in banana leaf, with a lot of rice and paratha or papadam bread, surrounded by sauces and other foods. Among the list, we find banana chips, pickled mango sauce, curry, ginger, yogurt sauce and unique combinations such as sambar, a preparation of lentils or olan, based on the pumpkin.

Japanese Sushi

The most mythical dish in Japan is bound to taste at least once in a lifetime. For those who are not yet sufficiently immersed in Japanese cuisine, if there is any leftover there, sushi is small portions of rice wrapped, or not, in the paper of the same food or seaweed and stuffed or topped with vegetables, fish or seafood. Among the numerous variants of sushi, the most popular are nigiri sushi, maki sushi, gunkan sushi, California roll, etc. These delicate snacks are accompanied by soy sauce, wasabi and other pickles.

The Mezzé of the Middle East and the Mediterranean

Mezzé is not a dish, but an ancient way of eating from the Middle East or other Mediterranean countries that consists of serving a wide variety of delicacies at the same time (in the style of tapas in our country). There is no single mezzé, as this depends on the country, region or even local where you are. Labné, babá ganoush, hummus, muhammara, taboule, dolmas, samosas and a long list of elaborations come together in a show of color, texture and flavor that is impossible to resist.

The Cevapcici of the Balkans

Cevapcici is a delicious traditional dish of the Balkan cuisine, made with a base of minced meat. Depending on the area, the type of meat varies from pork, lamb, veal or a combination of these. The meat is seasoned with chopped onion and garlic, it is elongated and passed through the grill, boiled in water or fried. They are served as a filling of homemade flatbreads, as a sandwich, and accompanied by ajvar, a tasty sauce of red pepper, eggplant, garlic and olive oil that elevates these small snacks to the category of five forks.

The Chinese Dim Sum

It is a type of Chinese food, which consists of small snacks traditionally served in small bamboo baskets or small plates, depending on the type. The traditional Dim sum includes a wide variety of steamed buns, stuffed with meat, seafood or vegetables. As with the mezé, it is normal to share different dishes among all the diners, and so everyone can try a variety of different flavors and types.

Japanese Wagyu Meat

The wagyu meat cut is one of the most exclusive on the planet. This type of beef is native to the Kobe region, Japan, and so that the flavor of the meat is unique, the cows are personally fed with soy and specially selected straw. This meat is pure butter, melting in the mouth due to a large amount of infiltrated fat it contains, which also gives it a very special flavor.

Guilardeau Oysters

According to connoisseurs of oysters, the Guilardeau are the best in the world and also the most expensive. The Gillardeau family has been cultivating oysters for a long time near Oléron, on the French Atlantic facade. They are oysters larger and fleshier than most, with spectacular sea flavor, which do not require more than a light splash of lemon to make the most demanding palates dance.

Black Caviar

These sturgeon fish roes intended for human consumption are one of the greatest delicacies that can be found on the face of the earth. The best caviar is the sturgeon that is fished in the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. The higher prices, reflecting the rarity or poor sturgeon availability, are paid for the caviar of the beluga, ostrá and sevruga varieties.

Pure Iberian Jabugo Ham

We leave for the end (or almost) our greatest and most appreciated delicacy: pure Iberian jabugo ham. Specifically, the "Spotted Jabugo" that is found in the region of Huelva, and is considered the most expensive in the world. These thin slices of cured pork and interwoven fat have become one of the most appreciated snacks in the world, although only a few are the lucky ones that can be tasted only 80 units are put on sale every year.

Portuguese Bélem cakes

Belém cakes are traditional puff pastry and cream sweets from Portuguese cuisine. Created by the nuns of the convent of San Jerónimo more than 200 years ago, the recipe was sold to Domingo Rafael Alves who began selling them in 1837 at the "Casa Pastéis de Belém" in Lisbon, this being his biggest secret. This is the only place where these pieces of heaven are made and found with which we close the list, which occupies a place in it because of personal weakness towards them. The long lines that are formed to buy them are a sign of their popularity, although better than taking them home is to taste the freshly baked in one of the several authentic salons that are in the back room.


While there are many other which you (as a reader) might feel we missed out on, the choice wasn’t easy for us either. We chose the very best from hundreds, maybe thousands, and had to be very precise. What we can assure you is that if you don’t have any of these on your list, the smartest option is to go on and add them, because they are totally worth it!


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