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Bubble tea fans craving that delicious burst of flavour can now fill the pearl-sized void in their bellies as bubble tea pioneer, Tealive, launches My Bubble Tea Kit allowing customers to make their favourite drink at home during lockdown!


Committed to giving loyal customers the chance to continue slurping on their preferred milky drink, Tealive’s DIY kits are designed to give customers everything they need to make bubble tea without having to leave the comfort of their own kitchen. Each kit comes packed with an assortment of ingredients and is enough to make 25-30 servings, sure to keep those cravings at bay!


Initially launching the kits via an online store in Malaysia, Tealive sold hundreds of kits within the first few days, prompting their decision to bring them to Australia.


We were immediately overwhelmed by the tremendous response of the DIY kits in Malaysia and as we know Australians are enthusiastic bubble tea drinkers, we wanted to launch the kits here to give more people the chance to make and enjoy their favourite drink at home,” says Bryan Loo, Founder of Tealive.


Each My Bubble Tea Kit includes:

  • 1kg Tealive pearls
  • 500g brown sugar
  • 100g imported Nishio matcha
  • 250g premium Tealive cocoa powder
  • 2 Tealive Dimula Ceylon Blend (Black Tea) bags
  • 25 straws (+1 reusable Tealive straw for the first 50 buyers)
  • FREE gift – x2 Tealive cardholders


The My Bubble Tea Kit from Tealive can be easily prepared into a range of delicious bubble tea drinks at home, including Tealive favourites: Bang Bang Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Bang Bang Brown Sugar Black Tea, Bang Bang Brown Sugar Nishio Matcha Latte, Pearl Honey Tea Latte, Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee and Bang Bang Brown Sugar Avocado Fresh Milk.


Teavlive have also included an additional 7 recipes for those who wish to get their creative juices flowing with their My Bubble Tea Kit using additional fresh ingredients at home! These include, Strawberry Almond Matcha Latte, Strawberry Chocolate Soy Milk, Pearl Strawberry Tea Latte, Pearl Almond Chocolate, Honey Soy Latte, Choc Shaka Lava and Strawberry Choc Saka Lava.


Shane Francis, CEO of Tealive Australia said,  Whether enjoying all 25 cups yourself or sharing with loved ones, we’re excited for our Australian customers to have fun making their own bubble teas at home and to build a new appreciation for the steps that go into their beloved flavour-filled drink.”


Each kit costs $74.95 including delivery and can be purchased online here:


Along with the instruction manual and recipes supplied in the kit, Tealive has also uploaded handy tutorial videos on their YouTube channel, Tealive TV.


For further information on Tealive, please visit:


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