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It is tasty, meaty, and nutritious when fried with a pinch of olive oil, pepper, and salt. But if you're just having it for the first time, you're most likely to call it a fried crab. Whichever way, you still have the right taste definition of the super-food, lion's mane mushroom.

And to maximize your choice, in this post, you'll learn 3 new lion's mane recipes. In the meantime, if you're looking to get some original extracts, get here to buy lions mane extract in Australia. Are you still here? Great. Let's dive in to show you some awesome recipes for lion's mane mushroom.

Lion Mane Pancakes

If this is the first time you're hearing about Lion's mane pancake, see below for the recipes before he ain't over to the instructions for making lion's mane pancakes.


  • Fresh and sliced lion's mane; 1 cup

  • Melted butter; ¼ cup

  • Gluten-Free flour; 1-¼ cups

  • Large eggs; 2 pieces

  • Almond milk; 1-½ cups

Cooking instructions

  • Whisk the eggs together with the almond milk in a bowl using a whisker

  • Introduce your sliced fresh mushroom, flour, and butter in that order and stir

  • Clean your saucepan and place it on an activated cooker to hit it up

  • Pour butter into the saucepan

  • Introduce the mix you have in the bowl into the heating butter ½ cup by ½ cup

  • Flip each lump or mold on their side when bubbles show up

  • Add toppings to each side when it becomes brown

  • Eat!

Lobster Roll With Lion's Mane

Lion's mane lobster roll can be super-tasty when prepared by an expert. But don't worry if you are a newbie, the recipes and instructions shared below will guide you through.


  • Finely-diced celery; ½ cup

  • Mayonnaise; ½ cup

  • Celery salt; 1tsp

  • Large eggs; 2

  • Lemon juice; 2 tbsp

  • Old baby seasoning; 2 tbsp

  • Ghee or olive oil; 2tbsp

  • Lemon juice; 2tbsp

  • Lion's man mushroom; 1lbs

  • Diced red onion; ½

  • Chopped fresh dill; ¼ cup

  • Chopped fresh parsley; ¼ cup

  • Pepper and salt

  • French or hoagie; 4 rolls

Cooking instruction

  • Sliced the lion's mane to be 1/4inches in thickness

  • Beat the 2 eggs in a medium bowl

  • Pour a mixture of the lemon juice, celery salt, and old bay seasoning into the medium bowl of beaten eggs

  • Place your saucepan on the fire and introduce your ghee or oil into that to cook your sliced mushroom

  • Sear the mushrooms from side to side as they fry for two minutes

  • Put the fried mushrooms in a new medium bowl after 2 minutes and shred them by hand or by other means

  • At this age, add everything you have so far into a bowl and mix thoroughly

  • Slice open your bread rolls and add your mix from the bowl into them

  • Serve!

Honey Lion's Mane Mushroom

Now, preparing this is super-easy. But the result you get varies by how much attention hou pay into preparing your honeyed lion's mane mushroom. Get started with the recipe first.


  • Finely chopped lion'n mane mushroom; 1 cup

  • Butter; 1tsp

  • Raw and local honey; 1tsp

Cooking instruction

  • Clean your saucepan and put it on the fire

  • Introduce your honey and your butter into the saucepan

  • Pour in your lion's mane to heat together with the heating honey and butter

  • Heat for 5 min


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