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With Christmas approaching very fast and movements limited due to the effect of covid-19, most people worldwide have embraced online shopping – it's not only safe but also convenient. If you are a wine lover in Singapore who wishes to shop for some favorite drinks online, you are probably unsure how to go about the process and where to purchase from.When doing your research, you will realize that there are many online wine stores in Singapore – something that can get you confused, trying to figure out the best deals. We understand the challenges you could be encountering (especially if you are buying wine online for the first time), and that's why we are compiling this post to see you through. Here we will highlight some of the most trusted online wine stores in Singapore that you can trust with all your wine needs. So below is a list to answer the question on where to buy wine online in Singapore.

  1. Ewineasia

Whether you need wines from both the ancient and modern world, Alfa International's web platform is the best place to look for it. Ewineasia has been distributing wines online to individuals and companies.With all these years in the business, Ewineasia knows your most common wine needs. As such, they have a well-balanced portfolio of champagnes and wines, so be confident that you'll find whatever you need here.You can shop from Ewineasia from the comfort of your home and wait for them to deliver as specified at the time of making your order.

  1. Cellarbration

Cellarbration has been in the business since 2012 and has currently earned the name "one-stop online beverage solution" as it offers all sorts of liquor.

It features a vast collection of beers, wines, and spirits – it's upon you to decide what you want to enjoy and place your order.It's the best place to shop for drinks, especially if you have parties. If you visit their website and create a free profile, you will automatically qualify for 10% off your next purchase, plus you will be receiving customized monthly promotions.

  1. Wine Masons

If you are looking to elevate your wine drinking experience to higher levels, consider shopping from Wine Mason's official website. They outsource their wines from small, experienced winemakers who have no reliable means to reach out to the consumers directly.Their drinks are reasonably priced and are often packed in options of three, six, and twelve bottles. Shopping from Wine Masons is pretty simple – pick the drinks you want and indicate your order's quantity – leave them to the rest.

  1. Underground Wines

According to Underground Wines, good drinks should not cause you to break the bank or borrow debts. They believe that everyone should afford the best wine, and that's why they have one of the fairest pricing models.Whether you are planning to hold a party or to rent glassware, Underground Wines is the surefire option to consider. They do private as well as corporate wine tasting sessions, wedding supplies, and gift orders.


The above are some of the most reputable online stores that sell quality wine in Singapore. If you want to purchase, go to their official website and browse all the available drinks – choose the ones you like and follow the payment procedure outlined. Wait for them to deliver.Note that most of these online wine shops in Singapore have money-back guarantee so purchase without fear!


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