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  • Written by Logan Peranavan

For many of us, memory is a kind of scrapbook. It a soggy mess of blurred and jumbled snapshots capturing moments in our lives. Sometimes we try to help our memories out by capturing those pivotal moments on VHS or audiotape. Unfortunately, as much as we might want to cling to these key moments in our past, even the most touching memories can fade away over time.

Our memories often determine how we respond in certain situations and inform our perspective as the situation evolves. Happily, thanks to the magic of VHS to DVD Melbourne transfer technology those supporting crutches for our memories are saved not so much for posterity as to enrich the lives of our extended family.

Memories Inform The Moment

Our memories help us piece together what we liked and disliked from our experiences. In the long run, our memories influence how we view our environment and how we look to pursue our next step. Overall, our memories of positive events shape our feelings as well as our personality.

Now, as a fresh generation looks back to understand it’s family’s origins and experiences, they can draw on the advanced technology offered by VHS to Digital Melbourne transfer services to save their family history.

When a person fosters an experience, good or bad, the experience is transformed into a memory. We use these experiences and memories to learn about a situation, to learn about ourselves, or to further our understanding of the world. If people function as the sum of our memories, so too do families who are shaped by their collective memories.

Enriching Our Collective Lives

What would we do without our family memories? Would we still be the same? Does a richer insight into our family history; key moments in its evolution and treasured memories shape our perspective and how we view the world around us?

In reality, many of us don’t devote much time wondering about the consequences of losing touch with our family legacy. We live the digital moment as defined by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s rare that we look back at our family and wonder about what our family members went through, what they experienced.

Today, in an age of cloud storage, live streaming and playlists, cuing up a video player to a TV set seems a quaint notion, even if you could still find a VHS machine to play those old tapes. And don’t even think about how you can lay your hands on an audiotape player!

Is it time you realised how important those family memories may be to future generations, your children and their children. The challenge posed by the march of digital technology is that so much of our past gets left in its wake. Unless we act to take advantage of professional VHS to DVD Digital transfer service, our links to our family’s past may be severed, permanently.

For some of us, nostalgia is a wonderful thing, transporting us back to a time when life seemed simpler. Inevitably our love of nostalgia is focused on bringing back positive memories. We’ve seen 70s and 80s nostalgia become all the rage.

While this is light-hearted fun in a social context, for our families, the stakes are a little higher. If we want to pass on our memories, thoughts and experiences we need to act to ensure they don’t get lost in the bustle of busy daily lives. Our VHS tapes have a shelf life and they like us aren’t getting any younger.

So, dust off those old VHS tapes and get them to a VHS to DVD transfer service now!

Final Observation

As we grow, the events we experience influence the way we perceive situations moving forward. The same goes for your family. Without an understanding of our family history, we are only partly formed. Now through the wonder of VHS to DVD Melbourne, our recorded memories will continue to enrich the lives of our family across the generations.


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