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  • Written by Tracey Clayton

Love it or hate it, but you can’t deny it – everyone loves a good party!

Music, alcohol (and recently drugs) have always been the best social lubricants affecting people’s minds and joining them into cohesive or disjointed patterns of generations that have come to Earth to create history.

Generation-wise speaking, the fluctuation of trends has repeatedly been so grandiose that each new group of people has managed to leave a mark in a form of new music genre, innovative art movement, fresh fashion route, new-fangled literary direction and virtually anything that will set bases for their successors to enjoy or demolish.

Just as people have been emotionally, socially, psychologically and economically evolving so has the social scene progressed to live up to their expectations. The horizons have broadened and finally – all inhibitions got released.

The generation to thank (or raise your eyebrows at) for all the lavish nightlife followed by extreme extravagance and lack of modesty in all that’s consumerism are definitely Millennials. En masse, their sexual freedoms and annoyance with everything constrained and forbidden have brought about not just a particular (and sometimes very upsetting) form of freedom and self-expression, but a very symptomatic lack of self-respect for the most part, too.

Born somewhere between 1977 and 1994, these kids are Hippie successors who have witnessed the early 2000s recession (as have they all the following ones, too) that have brought about a state of panic and discomfort. They too were there for the horrible 9/11 misfortune and the cultural and social downfall that followed. Isn’t it, then, somewhat expected they can’t be chained to norms of “good behavior”?

Not all is too bad, though. Although they might all sound like perfect delinquents, these kids have actually done something neither generation prior has – they’ve embraced freedom of expression as their ultimate religion and have turned the exciting party entertainment into life-altering experiences.

While most of us are still reminiscing over bell trousers, afros and the hot twists, these kids are progressively changing the landscape of partying - and here’s how:

Staying till dawn

You’ll rarely meet a Millennial who’ll utter a sentence “I have to be home by 1AM”. No such thing exists in the world of Millennial partying. Go big or go home is their preferred currency, and those who indeed chose to go home will probably never again be invited to any festivity. It’s not that they are becoming outcasts for choosing to actually get some sleep; it’s just that – Millennials won’t tolerate a party poop*r.

These kids love their sunrises and they often get to enjoy them with a bottle of beer or some other liquor in one hand and an iPhone or Android in the other. All that’s happening needs to be captured and Instagrammed, or it’s like it never happened.

Easy outfits

One thing hasn’t changed – Millennial or not, you’ll be overthinking your outfit for the night, that’s for sure. Overall, two fashion extremes are evident. One, with the clothes preferred being trashy-chic little numbers that rarely leave much to the imagination, with individualism hinted even through strict trend-following. The other, superbly put together blends of accessorize, trend-pieces so stylistically thought out that even Kate Middleton would approve of. They are embracing their party fashion for inspiration and expression, and it’s beautiful.

All music genres

The fascinating ease Millennials practice when it comes to partying transmits to the blend of all kinds of music genres, experimenting with new sounds and music scenes, embracing music challenges and directions for excitement, and ultimately – dancing, dancing, dancing! Letting their bodies and minds follow the new-emerged beats, these kids love their parties, which are devoid of prejudice and will dance to anything that moves them (no matter what you may think of it)!

Millennials are for sure the generation that will long be talked about and referenced, not just for their partying stamina, their beautiful edge and free spirit, but mostly for all the liberation, intelligence and acumen they’ve brought about. They are just… startling.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”


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