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Regardless of any reason in a personal endeavor, certain people have devoured in making art as part of their collections. Either way, others have started exciting work of art as their way of living. It may be because artistic practices, in its pure essence, were made to express emotions. Further, a person that has a heart for arts can be easily robbed by certain feelings that paintings have - no doubt because for these art enthusiasts because it is a skill that is being developed. However, for a person who has a lesser interest in arts, there are still chances of being alluded to how does it looks like.

Despite such, it is not a mere reason for indulging thyself to arts. Macfine Art Gallery has collection-worthy masterpieces which are suitable for paintings enthusiast or even for people who wanted to make their blanked wall space to create an elegant one. These paintings come into varieties of material. Also, some are through mixed media on paper. Others are mixed media on canvas and many more. You can choose from these different materials according to what you prefer much.


Helen Steele’s Work of Arts

In her paintings, characters are being depicted. It is vividly seen due to the details which are made more evident by Helen Steele. Aside from that, the canvases make it more attractive due to its more in-depth further information entailing the totality of each painting. The smallest details do not contradict; however, it gives more emphasis to the message being conveyed in the artwork. Most of her works of arts are in the form of figures.

It makes it collection-worthy due to the coolness it brings towards viewers. As she had explained, her compositions are never predetermined, but, the themes she is using are recurrent. She uses figures as the means of investigating different psychological states, serenity, anxiety, harmony, or isolation. Further, these figures are not her subject. In her artworks, mostly, it relates to the human presence and absence. Also, within her approach, it is more with intuitive, which in result makes it more suggesting rather than detailing.

Within her masterpieces, the image that appears in her work and rework of her canvas could sometimes only elude her. She works in multiple layers with buries words and pictures. The paint is smeared off, and the layers are peeled yielding within the emerging image. Through her symbolic markings, shapes, and personal perception, many questions arise already.


James Leonard’s Works of Arts

The masterpieces of James Leonard will make you believe that dissolving subjects within a painting or a smooth disrupted distortion within the combination of colors could be possible beautiful within a canvas. Most of his artworks focused on the colors that make it unique due to the misuse within it. It implies privacy due to the picture it had covered. Usually, his of his paintings are in abstract form. It makes it more dramatic since the details mean by it.

James Leonard has always been drawn to the early expressionists of the 1930s and 40s and Gerhard Richer, a German painter, had which makes an influence within his directness, approach, and style. In his plan, he works most of the time with acrylics on canvas. He uses bold horizontal and vertical strokes combines with intense color to the viewer’s emotions. It is because art for him is always a focus on his life and the same with different experiences; it unfolds beautiful and unique ways. And connectedly, his paintings have its idea of uniqueness and expressions.


Esteban Leyva’s Work of Art

The work of Leyva is something that a spectator should carefully look into. His painting has something to do with a combination of different little pictures which are bound together to form a beautiful unknown collage-look-alike. His art speaks thousands of words due to the details it had portrayed within the painting.

For Esteban Leyva, his paintings are more with abstract art because it is the most sincere and has pure expression towards people. The abstraction has the ideal culmination of art in which all artistic representation is the abstraction of reality. He uses skills as a language of freedom because, within it, it reflects all the meaning due to the composition and color it had used.

The paintings he had made may look like a small picture being combined, but it represents emotional situations which do not refer to a similar known model or even photographed scenes of the world’s reality. It is because exploration in life is a need.



Despite hundreds of thousands of artists that contemporary arts have cultivated, getting the most valuable ones are an investment not only in decorations but together with the meaning that relies on it also. Getting one of these as part of the art collections which your walls could have may add expression towards your home.





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