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The internet has changed everything. The instant access to almost all of the world’s data, dating apps, but also our attention spans getting significantly shorter - none of this would have happened without the internet. Everyone agrees that although it helped us in tremendous ways, our brains got lazier. It doesn’t mean, though, that we cannot use the internet to make our education system more effective. In a second, you’ll learn why online education is the future of education. Let’s go!

More flexibility

One of the essential aspects of today’s work environment is the need to be adaptable. The information travels at the speed of light, which means that if you want to stay at the top of the game, you need to be quick as well.

That’s why it is essential to create this type of environment for children right from the start. Long gone is the age when routine reigned supreme. The flexibility of online education makes it possible to attend various extracurricular classes, further bolstering the growth of your children.

The flexibility of online education also makes it easier for young adults who have jobs, but who would love to study as well. In recent times the situation got significantly better, and more and more companies allow their employees to work flexible hours, as long as they are just as productive.

Unfortunately, when it comes to low-paying jobs, it is rarely the case. It means that if a person wants to improve their skills, a traditional university might be out of the question; it’s just impossible to be in two places at the same time. That’s why online education, f.e. James Cook University Online Courses, might be the only option left.

More responsibility

It is true that freedom can be at times worse than the worst of the prisons. When it comes to in-class education, there are classes that you need to attend at a specific time and place. With online education, it’s different; it is usually the case that you can decide when you want to listen to courses.

Although it is convenient, it could also be challenging, especially for young kids. It is only with time that our brains start to recognize that every action that we take has consequences. It means that if your child is remarkably unorganized, being in charge of your own schedule could cause some issues. If, on the other hand, you think that your kid could handle this responsibility, then go ahead! It will make the transition into the world of adults so much easier.

Lower costs

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter how rich you are: your kid would have access to the education of the same quality regardless of how much you earn. Unfortunately, although in most countries you don’t need to pay for your education, the coursebooks aren’t free. In fact, the price of schoolbooks makes many parents shiver with fear. Sure, they want their children to become smart, but sometimes the costs are just too much. When it comes to online education, the costs are just much lower. Sure, the course itself might be more pricey, but not having to buy books lifts the burden off parent’s shoulders.

Improved focus

Traditional education gives your kids a chance to meet a lot of fascinating people. Unfortunately, having friends around could be a cause of distraction. Sure, we should let kids be kids - too much discipline would be only harmful, but if your kid is easily distracted, then perhaps listening to the classes in his room could be a wiser choice. An improved focus on the subject would mean that your kid doesn’t have to spend so much time with the coursebooks. This way, he would have more time for meeting with his peers.

Is it still considered true?

Most of the things that were taught in the schools 40 years ago aren't necessarily thought to be completely false now, but with time scientific theories become more polished. The scientists don’t have access to the data - they have to conduct tests, and after years of research, they might get slightly closer to the truth. Unfortunately, the thing with the school curriculum is that it changes at a snail’s pace. With online education, there’s no need to print new books, and the process is much quicker.

Is it better?

Although saying that online education is superior to traditional education would be an exaggeration, in many situations, it might be a better choice indeed. It is surprising that in 2020 every part of the education - including costly coursebooks, isn’t yet free, but it is an unfortunate reality. It’s lower costs, and more flexibility, which causes students to be in charge of their own schedule, is what is behind the rise of the popularity of online education. In the near future, this trend isn’t likely to slow down.


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