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The process of changing a light bulb may sound easy, and no doubt in some cases it easy. The main requirement is to take some safety measures and forgetting it might prove hazardous. You must choose the best professionals if the problem is big like Sydney electrician provides excellent services

The trickier part is was handling and changing the bulb in areas which are hard to reach. High vaulted ceiling and outdoor hanging lights need help.

Here are a few ways that can help to change your light bulb.

  1. Turn Off The Power

Whenever you are handling electric fixtures, don’t forget to turn off the power, it should be on your safety list.

The fuse box or the main power control box in your house needs to be switched to red, and this will turn off the power. As it is the main power box, turning it off will cut electricity supply to every unit in the house. If it’s a portable light fixture, make sure to plug it out from the socket before changing the bulb.

  1. Check the Switches

The wall socket switch, the lamp line should be turned off before making any changes. It cuts the overall risk of electric shock or electrocution. Never compromise on safety standards no matter how small the issue is. Depending on the height of the bulb fixture, you can use a chair or a ladder to change the bulb. Before replacing the old bulb with a new one, make sure you get the right fitting size. There are two standard fitting sizes for bulbs and fixing them depends on their shape. You can twist them clockwise or anti-clockwise to fix it perfectly.

Once you have fixed it check its working by switching on the wall socket and avoid any physical contact.

  1. Let The Bulbs Cool Down

The switch needs to be turned off for another reason that is to let the bulb cool down. Before changing any light bulb, switch off the light switch. Standard and incandescent bulbs should always be allowed to cool off before making any changes. Depending on the room temperature and weather, the bulb might take a minimum one minute time to cool off. If the fixture is loose hold is while twisting the bulb out, before that turn off the socket switch. If it’s urgent, you can use a fabric to take out the bulb and fix the new one gently.

  1. Check The Technicalities First

People have devised conventional methods to deal with residential ceiling fixtures. These fixtures may have different shapes. Threads and chains and iron rods are used to hold the chandelier in place. The connection between any bulb fixture and wiring is commonly the same. It is based on three wires, black color, green and red. Connectors are used to join these wires. After turning off the power use a circuit a tester to make sure there is no current in it. Look for any extra wires that are open and might have current, ensure safety first. If the bulb has a cover, it must be removed. If you are dealing with tangled fixtures, make sure to unscrew it after turning off the switch. Remove all the unwanted electrical tapes. Old fixtures with layers of tape are dangerous as they heat the line. The new bulb should be installed if the wiring is safe and untangled. If you have a fancy bulb holder and fixture then check for cracks. The mounting strap for the bulb needs special care. Now screw in the new bulb and turn on the light.

  1. Safety Instruments

Box cutter or small knife make it easier when you are removing the cover of the bulb.

The new bulb should be of the standard fixture and double-check before buying it.

Pair of gloves are lifesaving when it comes to deals with electric wires and fixtures. They are easily available at a hardware store, wear them before working with electric fixtures and changing bulbs. It is a savior against electrocution, and if the bulb breaks while changing it, you will be saved from the cuts.

  1. Learn About Circuit Breakers

Learn about circuit breakers and how they work, the main electrical panel or box contains all the switches for every room. When dealing with an open wire zone, make sure the ladder and support you are using are wooden, and you have your gloves on. Use a multimeter for checking the current in the socket. Unscrew the light bulb and test the socket for electrical current with a multimeter. Use a good pair of screwdrivers for fast and effective work. Sometimes a breakage in the circuit is responsible for a non-responsive light bulb, take a digital reading from the multimeter for the current check. If the scale shows maximum reading, it means the wire is hot, and voltage fluctuations can damage low-quality wires easily. Always use good quality wiring, fixtures, breakers and bulbs in your house. If the base of the bulb fixture has issues, it means the wires are not connected in the right manner, and you should remove each wire using a screwdriver and turning the wire screws. Once you tighten or change the wire on the new socket, the markings will indicate the temperature of the wire. Turn on the socket switch and the circuit breaker button and test your bulb for operations. This procedure should work just fine if it doesn’t, then you should call a professional.


Changing a light bulb is easy and tricky at the same time; a minor mishandling can be dangerous. If you keep in mind all the necessary precautions, then you will be able to change the light bulb very skillfully. As it involves electricity and current passage, don’t forget the potential hazards it carries. Wearing gloves, turning off the switches and the mainline circuit breaker will make it easy and safe for you to change the light bulb.


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